Official general election thread


seen a few bits of corbyn sounding like he actually means it and is fired up and a few positive bits of commentary dashed about.



Have we done this yet?

I got
78% Labour
71% Lid Dem
70% Green
64% SNP
53% Plaid Cymru
45% Sinn Fein
33% Conservative
33% Ukip
22% BNP
(these last ones confused me but apparently the BNP are pro-choice think there should be less NHs privatisation, against gov monitoring etc so that explains that)

Or as out of 100%:




92% Labour
91% SNP
87% Lib Dem
84% Green
83% Plaid Cymru
82% Sinn Fein
40% DUP
35% Conservative
31% Ukip
27% BNP

Just call me Mr Progressive Alliance


green 90%


anyone here unable to vote (migrant, other circumstances)?

I’ll give you my vote unless its for any of the fascist parties. Very safe Labour constituency FYI. PM me.



More than 15 years living overseas = no vote


Fuck. Looks like I need to move to Wales to vote.


Why old people are the worst (and young people don’t help matters)


lol 69%


Are we still trusting the source with YouGov?


Yeah always the chastener for anyone who gets hopeful after a good day for Labour in an election campaign - the UK demographics are hardwired against them. And that’s before you factor in their views on the IRA and nuclear weapons which are likely to be quuuite different from the Labour leader’s. It doesn’t look good.


No idea, I’m sure I saw a recent poll which suggested that young people drink the Tory Kool-Aid almost as much as the elderly do at the moment, but I could be wrong.


I don’t think any Labour supporters bar the most die-hard Corbyn supporters will be anything close to hopeful during this campaign.


Yeah although I’m more optimistic about Labour’s showing to be honest. Think the Tory majority will be smaller than May is reckoning. She’s hoping for about 150 or so. I can’t see it being that high. If Corbyn has a good campaign Labour could shore up a fair bit of their vote. 220 seats perhaps that kinda thing. Can’t see a total wipeout.


Has Corbs got on with getting Stormzy to help shore up the 18-24 vote yet?




If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last couple of years it is that the inconceivably awful can happen, even if it seems like it’s impossible.


Reckon Corbyn will probably get a bit of a boost from getting a bit more ‘from the horse’s mouth’ stuff seen. Like if you’d just read about him in the sun/mail you’d be surprised to find out he can string a few sentences together. Reckon the TV debates would really suit him and he’d outperform May comfortably if she agrees to them. Obviously will be reported as her being steady and him being hapless anyway, and wouldn’t be anywhere near enough to stop a big tory majority but the gap will probably close somewhat