Official general election thread


Agree with all of that. Corbyn performs well in his comfort zone - campaigning, canvassing and also being on television in either a) a panel format or b) the Sunday show on the sofa format. So if he maximises those opportunities he’ll surprise a few people for sure. May is incredibly poor at debates so Corbyn will probably beat her - he just about manages (lol) to do it most weeks at PMQs, which is testament to how AWFUL May is rather than how good Corbyn is.

Problem is - in 2015 the more voters saw of Miliband the more they liked him. And they rewarded him with a Tory majority. Obviously that had a lot to do with the Labour/SNP coalition worry in rural England. But I think the stuff the Tories have in their locker for Corbs is worse than that, tbf.


Oh yeah, and the narrative of hapless socialist corbyn is firmly set now that there’s absolutely no chance of turning it around in a month and a half, plus they’ve been outflanked by the Lib Dems for the remoaner vote.

The result will be worse than the current state of it (definitely), but better than polls as of right now would project (hopefully)


Corbdog 3000’s other problem is that he tries to give proper answers to questions, which makes it fucking easy to take a quote out of context and slam him for it


I really don’t think Corbyn’s any more or less noble than the vast majority of MPs when it comes to answering questions tbh.

He’s definitely better than May mind who’s possibly the most evasive responder I’ve ever seen. A lot of the time she says NOTHING. Won’t age well that.


maybe not compared to all MPs, but compared to recent party leaders across the board, who’ve just nailed the line constantly


Yeah. Communication skill trumps all though. Miliband did that whole stage-managed-soundbites routine the same as Blair. Blair was excellent at it; Miliband dreadful. Problem with someone who’s a bit more ‘they say what they think at least!’ is threefold. a) it’s shit or bust so high risk, b) it’s still subject to the same communication skill as mentioned above (I think Corbyn’s a particularly poor communicator myself) and c) I think the number of votes that are in that above all else are actually quite low.


this dawn butler interview on radio4 right now is not good :expressionless:

it’s so bad :cry: :sob:

I think she’s great but they need to sharpen up


thankfully mostly tories listen to radio 4


What was so bad about it? I didn’t hear it but lots of people just saying “car crash lol” without further explanation…


filthy ol buggers lol


sounded like she was on drugs, didn’t have anything to say, wasn’t pleasant, mixing a company up with its main competitor and falsely accusing it of tax dodging. couldn’t name a single labour policy.

sign of the things to come




remember that time Milliband ate a bacon sandwich, and lost an entire election?


I’m going to see him on Tuesday night and I might give him a cuddle and ask him to be prime minster :koala:

still in love with the guy


one of my ‘party pieces’ is doing a pretty good Ed Miliband impression. Working a bacon sandwich mimic into the routine could be a game changer.

I’m a riot at parties.

But yeah, imagine if he had been elected :disappointed:


Looking forward to seeing how many ways Dacre and Murdoch will find to go to town on Corbyn in the coming weeks. It’ll make the Milliband/sandwich incident seem like a fucking eulogy. Ever since Brexit, the Mail in particular has gone so insanely right wing that there doesn’t seem to be anything too extreme for them to print. It’s going to be horrible.


Breaking news: Corbyn sleeps nude inside an oxygen tent, which he believes gives him sexual powers!


New policy - basting in his own juices.


Listening to the dawn butler interview. This is brutal.


She has 1 star out of 5 on google (2 reviews)