Official general election thread


Ive had to turn it off, too painful. (1 star out of 5)


Theresa May too shit scared to abandon one of the stupidest pledges ever


The rating system is rigged.


Haven't been online much today, but I heard a rumbling somewhere or other this morning that she's planning to commit to a hard EU border, in which case it's a defendable stupid pledge.


Farage says he's not going to stand because it'd be too easy, or something.



said he'd rather stay in strasbourg. some brexiter!


'I said, "I'm not interested, I'm making shitloads out of computers."'



This is great fun (love any online quiz tbf):

Take that, Theresa!


Is the Unite election result announced today?


The result is announced next week (28th). Polls closed yesterday, and Coyne was suspended for bringing the union into disrepute, too.


Turns out all of you bastards were right!!


Do we have any more on the Coyne suspension yet? I've heard it was for Data Protection breaches, for contacting Members off unauthorised lists etc.

Obviously don't know the extent of it, but I doubt that'll go down well if so. Data Protection breaches when it comes to this sort of stuff are so regular they're almost mandatory. Be like Chelsea not winning the league because the FA void all of their results for shirt-tugging.


Yeah, the reporting seems to say that it was for accessing and using Labour party membership lists.

His repeated insulting of the membership and slagging off of the union in the press probably hasn't helped, either.


Just like Momentum did to me then. Obviously he's been caught and, by the book, can't knock him being suspended I suppose but if every DP breach resulted in suspension then politics would LITERALLY grind to a halt.


tbh the new GDPR regulations coming in next year will probably make politics grind to a halt in and of themselves. They are very harsh to say the least.


It was honestly hard to listen to


No vote, but in a very safe Labour seat as well (12,700 majority)


I really like her but it annoyed me that she wasn't prepared AT ALL