Official general election thread


Greens for me, with Labour not too far behind. There's a surprise.

73% Green
71% Labour
69% SNP
67% Liberal Democrat
52% Plaid Cymru
48% Sinn Féin
36% Conservative
36% UKIP
26% British National
25% Democratic Unionist


think i might just post "what a horrible woman" every day until the election i think. nothing else to say really. such a transparently awful candidate. can't answer a question for love nor money. has blatantly wussed out of tv debates because she knows she'd get merked by the corb dogg. lacking in judgement and decency (yarl's wood. regime of rape and torture. ducked out of answering questions at the inquiry because she was "busy"). obviously hates foreign people on principle. i'm sort of impressed at how effectively the press have pushed this idea of her being a shrewd operator, a political titan, a safe pair of hands during brexit. well played, fascist rags. :clap:


*person, ya daft sexist


person my bad


Tories be Tories


what be happening with this cps investigation yer weak kneed land lubbers




:smiley: fresh off the set of Heartbeat




Well, this is very helpful for someone living in Winchester. :laughing:


More people I talk to, the more I worry that a "If you voted Remain, vote Lib Dem" narrative is going to deliver more seats to the Tories, thus doing the exact antithesis of what people who subscribe to that message want.

I'd agree with it in certain seats, but there are seats such as Bristol East, where Labour currently have a 4,000 majority, with Tories 2nd and UKIP 3rd. If we're expecting UKIP voters to return to the Tory party, then previous labour voters going Lib Dem just on the EU issue would mean it goes Tory.


76% Labour, 75% SNP
But I don't support independence (for selfish reasons)
Actually if we get Corbz they can get tae



basically, unless a miracle happens, this is going to be the exact outcome.


I'm not sure whether the fact there's only 9 pledges or the dodgy alignment is the worse crime here.


who knew the Falklands would be such a tory power play more than 30 years on.


All the Tories need to do is bring up Trident really and the entire election's over


What is the LibDems ideal outcome here?

They form a coalition with the Tories and go along with the Brexit negotiations on condition that there is another referendum at the end? That's cloud cuckoo land.

One could think that they're electioneering by saying that they're ruling out a coalition with Labour, but the fact that they won't say the same for the Conservatives suggest that's what they want.


Consensus at the moment seems to be around 35-45% of UKIP voters look like doing that nationally. With Nuttall in charge and the Tory line on Brexit making sure there's no USP at all it remains to be seen whether it drifts further than that.