Official general election thread


Aye. And more worryingly perhaps for May they’ll fill the pages with “this election is in the bag what’s the point” chatter, which May will want to avoid for fear it will suppress Tory turnout even more. Can’t paint Corbyn as an actual risk against that backdrop - it’s the precise reason why the Miliband/SNP attack seemed to work so effectively.




They’ve announced the result already:

Len McCluskey - 46%
Gerard Coyne - 41%
Ian Allinson - 13%

Turnout was 12.2%

Statement from the acting General Secretary:

I congratulate Len McCluskey on his victory and would urge the entire union to pull together in the interests of our members, and not least to work for a Labour victory in the general election.

The turnout in this important election can give no cause for satisfaction and, while the tone of the campaign will not have helped, the underlying reason remains the archaic and expensive balloting system imposed on trade unions by law. The sooner we can move to secure and secret workplace and online voting the better for union democracy.


See, I can see this happening, and really helping the Tories. Can’t see anything similar happening on the other side.


fielding twitter for candidates!


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Hahahah because he’s had so much success getting elected so far.



But Britain’s still all cracked and broken!



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Tories: we might ditch no tax rises pledge
Corbyn: Tory Tax Bombshell!
Voters: erm…




This election is such a shoe-in for the Tories they don’t even mind annoying The Sun