Official newDiS Future of the Left thread

we don’t seem to have a dedicated thread on the new boards yet and i needed somewhere to put this:

“ALSO we will be filming / recording the Garage show in London for a DVD / stream / hell knows to be decided on at a later date. It’ll be a special show, as they all will.”


Going to the Brudenell gig in a couple of weeks. Excited as ever about seeing them.

Are they playing as a three piece on this next tour?

Digital release of Julia’s album this Friday :sunglasses:

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i’m a bit torn now, was thinking of rearranging an upcoming Leeds trip to coincide with the Brudenell gig but i have a friend who lives near The Garage so i might just have to go to that

Pretty sure they’ll bring in Ian from Art Brut again for the shows as they have done for the last year or so.

Looking forward to some high quality live footage.

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wheres the best place to start with them? Like the look of the one with the penguin on

that’s the weakest i reckon. start with Travels With Myself



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already started with the first one. Colin must be a nice pussy cat?

Curses is great too so fair enough


The penguin one (Plot) is my favorite but they’re all great so you can’t really go wrong wherever you start.

USA Nails are supporting as well, fucking great bunch of lads.

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Whoa, I’d never even noticed it was a penguin on the cover before :laughing:. I’d start at the beginning. Plot… probabaly is the weakest (as a whole) but there’s more great tracks than eh… not so great tracks on it.

anyone going to Leeds want to like… have a beer or something?

There’s a penguin on it you stupid cunt:

Well worth another read even if you have already. Always brightens up my day.


Haha! I have actually read that before but must’ve glossed over that part… or not bothered to check at the time. I couldn’t even remember it having 2 bodies in front of the “event”, just thought it was a lone man.

Favourite non-album tracks? Big fan of hometapingiskillingsusan, Fucked Up Runners and Problem Thinker.

Prescriptions, I Need to Know How to Kill a Cat, I Have Four Names, The Bisexuality of Distance, My Wife is Unhappy, March of the Coupon Saints, Preoccupation Therapy…* list continues endlessly *

:+1: for The Bisexuality of Distance and I Need To Know How To Kill a Cat.

Hey Precious is great too.

Not heard March of the Coupon Saints or Preoccupation Therapy - are they on some rare b-sides stuff?

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