Official newDiS Future of the Left thread

Yes it was him

Tempted to book the Eurostar for this one

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Do it!

We’ve been watching The Good Wife and last night I noticed that her son has a poster for Travels… on the door of his bedroom.


I am going to this rock show


Mclusky* are playing a few gigs this summer. Just got tickets for the Bristol one which I am already very much looking forward to.

Yeah i am in for Bristol too. I’ve also seen Newcastle and the festival in London announced. Anyone know if there’s any others in the offing?

20 tickets left an hour ago. Knew they’d sell, but not THAT quick. The demand must be there for some more UK gigs.

The 2 times i’ve seen mclusky* they have been absolutely tremendous. Loads of fun

True that.

Only time I’ve seen Mclusky* has been at the Garage gig a few years ago and it was traffic. Can probably count mosh pits I’ve got involved in the last few years on one hand - and that’s one of them.

How is the exchange as a venue? I’ve never been.

Bristol’s best venue.

What London festival is that?

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Bristol gig sold out now.

But in my rush to buy a ticket before It sold out I overlooked the fact that the Bristol gig clashes with Supernormal festival. So I have a ticket to sell, face value naturally. It’s an eticket so easy to exchange. PM me.

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Apparently a glasgow date is being announced today. I am on edge, I better get tickets for this. It better not clash with any other plans I have. Eeeep.

Any new music on the way?

I should have mentioned it was mclusky*, I have two tickets and I’m delighted.

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just grabbed one meself. nice.

i hear St Lukes is lovely too. was gonna see FOTL there in 2016 but skipped it, then came over for the Sleazy’s show later in the year instead


Slime city supporting too, you’re in for a treat

New Christian Fitness first and possibly FOTL before end of year he’s said

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I am also someone who has a mclusky* ticket.