Official newDiS Future of the Left thread

Yes indeed I am! Really fucking forward to this.


I have no recollection of typing “fucking” there. Not even sure what I was getting at - but I’ve definitely made worse posts.

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And me. Looks like I’m unfortunately missing some of USA Nails with these stage times:

Stage times:
USA Nails - 7:45pm-8:10pm
JOHN - 8:30pm-9pm
mclusky* - 9:20pm

I’m also fucking forward to it. Thought they were a bit lacklustre in Oxford a few months ago, but hopefully will be a decent Friday night crowd.

Let’s fuck things forward


thx but he got one from the dice app waiting list

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All good! See you later

i’d rate that gig as Very Good Indeed


They’re playing again in December aren’t they? I’m very keen to go again!

They were good the last time I saw them, but last night was great. Maybe they’re a bit more comfortable after the first run of gigs?

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I’ve never seen a ceiling rain with condensed sweat like that before.

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Friday people

Hi there,
Long term reader, first time poster here.
I’ve 2 spares for mclusky on Friday. They’re e-tickets.
They were just over £20 each, so very happy to take £40 for the pair.



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i like his t-shirt

ex-guitarist Jimmy Watkins has started his own podcast Megabus To The Ritz

The sound recording quality is surprisingly bad for someone who’s spent so much of their life making music (get a pop shield!)

I’m very much excited about seeing mclusky* this Saturday.

Just got REALLY interested in going to Doune The Rabbit Hole (Stirling) for the Friday

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No asterix!?

I know! I wasn’t sure if it actually was them but fb comments and the festival’s own playlist confirms it

Here’s my interview I did with Falkous from December before the Dingwalls mclusky show.

You can read the full transcript here if you’re that way inclined