Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


Hmm don’t know the answer to this but I doubt it very much


Yeah, I’d be massively surprised if that happened


same, just the ‘one-off reunion’ talk got me intrigued


Email with the download has landed, woooo! Sounds well meaty.


I ordered the video which comes with audio files but the only audio files I can find to download are Wav and the file size is huge. Is there an MP3 version somewhere to download?


Dunno. I got an email (after I asked them on facebook) with a link to a download. Was over a gig though, so I guess it was the .wav files. Sounds so good, I can’t begrudge them the size.

Plus I downloaded it at work.


McLusky are playing Newcastle

wouldnt go cause the support is called Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind


adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood is easily my favourite song about deodorant.


Yep! The mix is really satisfyingly put together. Immediately my preferred versions of some tracks. Chin Music and the final third of Small Bodies sound mint.


CD/DVD has arrived!


Listening to it right now. It really is the next best thing to actually seeing them in all their sweat-drenched glory. God I love FOTL live.


had to change the delivery address to my parents’ as i’m moving, not sure when i’ll get my hands on it!


This is great but it should have ended with a few minutes of chat with Jack on the merch stand.


Finally listened to this. French Lessons into Singing Of The Bonesaws is magical. Stupid massive grin on my face when the bass kicks in.


my favourite bit is Lightsabre going back into Lapsed Catholics


Just listened to Plot Against… for the first time in a couple of years and (bar a couple of weaker tracks) it’s still amazing.


I listened to it via a streaming service - and at the end of Notes on Leaving Orbit there’s a very short “secret” track that I have never heard before - sort of elvis-y vocals thing. Was this on the CD? Because I must have played that 00s of times when it came out and never heard it!


Definitely on the CD! You must have always turned it off as soon as Notes was over.


I must have! That’s weird.


“How to Stop…” now. No surprises so far.

Still great.


Interviewing Falco tomorrow morning (later today for UK timezone).

To say I’m excited is an understatement.