Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


I still think Curses is their best album, followed by The Peace and Truce of…


Love the bass on both. They’d probably be my 2 and 3 behind Travels


The Mclusky gig last night was fantastic. Pretty much exactly what you would want from it.

A shame not to hear She Will Only Bring You Happiness - but maybe a repeated hook of sex criminal is a bit tasteless considering the current landscape!


Really need to get to one of those if they keep doing them. Though at least I’ve see FOTL do my favourite mclusky song.


I know they’ve just done a live album so it would be very tired if they did the same, but a decent recording of last night would make a lot of people in this thread quite happy.


Newcastle, right? Would love to have gone but logistics were impossible. Only done one of the reformed shows (garage) but would be well up for another. Guess it keeps it fresh (and feels less like
a cash in) given they are infrequent.

May be talking nonsense but didn’t they change the lyrics on the single version of …happiness? “Ex criminal” maybe.


Yeah i think it’s ‘ex criminal’ on the video


Yeah I was a bit disappointed they didn’t play it too. I was hoping for an embellishment on that line precisely because if its aptness right now! Maybe a bit too on the nose for Falco.

Played in one of the support bands. Easily the coolest thing I’ve ever done. CV worthy.


It’s finally up online!

Was an absolute pleasure to interview the guy, it’s a bit of an epic mind. I was absolutely buzzing to get two shout-outs from them too (the second tweet was ten minutes after our interview finished)

Did a little puff piece for them for Scenestr. off the back of it too.

All unpaid, all just because I love Falco’s music so much that I want to do everything I can to make sure that more of it gets made.


Loved the interview. Snorted at this bit

“The last time I looked at Pitchfork it just looked like a collection of links to dance videos so I didn’t bother delving any further.”


This is ace. good work!

I do love a Falco interview


Hello DiSsers/FalcoFans,

I’m an admin on a closed FB group called temporary fandoms where we listen to an album a day for an artist’s full catalogue (ie we become temporary fans) and discuss each album. It’s fun, friendly and nerdy and usually a mix of fans, newcomers and people re-assessing their feelings about an artist. For the next 2 and a bit weeks (i think), we’re temporary fands of McLusky/FotL. Feel free to join in and knock on nthe door and i’ll let you in.



cool idea!


Cheers - it’s really fun. Last year, we were temporary fans of…
Stevie Wonder
Beastie Boys
Butthole Surfers
Kate Bush
The Chameleons
Afghan Whigs
Leonard Cohen
The United States of America
Sex Pistols
The Las
Jeff Buckley
Pissed Jeans
Kendrick Lamar
Yo La Tengo
Teenage Fanclub
Steely Dan
Nick Drake
Hüsker Dü (and a selection of solo tracks by Bob Mould and Grant Hart)
Aphex Twin (and various other Richard D. James recordings)
Bob Marley and The Wailers


Which Sex Pistols albums did you delve into?


Someone curated a 1 album immersion special, where they did a selection of artists who only made 1 album over 1 week
The United States of America
Sex Pistols
The Las
Jeff Buckley


I was just teasing. it actually sounds like a good idea and would be into this if I used Facebook


this is great man


Sorry. Had disabled my sense of humour as I’m at work!


Love the sound of this idea, but POTUSA definitely did a few more than one album. Some bangers on them too.