Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


Thanks man, easiest interview I’ve ever done, barely had to say anything!


I have knocked by the way, please let me in :smiley:


door creaks open…


Nice idea this, but everyone seems to know each other, so will just stay quiet


feel free to introduce yourself man, new people join all the time and are welcomed into the fold. That said, plenty lurk as well.


Nice one, have also done that knocking lark…


Great stuff!


Loved the interview, took me a good hour to read. I bet you loved that. Two new records to look forward to this year, excellent


I like the way your face spins round at the bottom.

Also the interview was good.


@ma0sm who’s the absolute grammar weapon in your facebook comments under the interview post? hope you don’t mind me popping down a reply, will delete if requested!


It’s a great great idea
(I’m not on facebook though :confused: )


Haha, all good I appreciated your comment!

He’s an ex-workmate of mine who I’ve ended up unfriending and blocking as he continued his ‘crucade’ over on Messenger as well. Bit of a dick in general so good to have the excuse to give him the chop.

Did end up in me having a proper catch up with the guy who corrected him who I hadn’t spoken to in years though. Funny how these things can end up with a net positive effect.


Been listening to Mclusky all day at work and had to stop myself several times from singing “JIMMY CONNORS!” Damn you b-sides for being so catchy…


They were excellent in Melbourne last night.

Was a big fan of “This isn’t Sydney: you guys are really feeling it… (That’s what we call a cheap shot.)” :smiley:

They played Without MSG I Am Nothing and it took me 'til halfway through the song to realise this wasn’t just a song from Curses I’d forgotten completely :smiley:

Excellent medley madness too.



probably my favourite mclusky song, was delighted they played it when i last saw them


It’s nice. I think whoyouknow / Huwuno is probably my favourite after the obvious big hitters from Do Dallas. Kind of a shame they don’t resurrect but for all I know it’s primarily Jon’s song and I guess it was never ‘big’ in the same way as Lightsabre or To Hell…


think they’ve played that in the recent “mclusky*” sets, just very few of the songs make their way into FOTL sets


your mention of Huwuno made me look up that version as i’ve heard of it but never listened to it before. anyway it led me to finding this in related videos

didn’t know this existed and i’m enjoying it a lot!


Wow, it’s a shame this never made it to mcluskyism! Never really considered how much extra material there might be out there by them. Cheers.


there’s a good few more on youtube as it turns out. most of the ones i’ve found sound quite early so understandably never released as their sound moved on, but there’s a couple of good later sounding ones: