Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


‘A1 Song’ (My Pain… era) and ‘Shalom It’s a Small World’ (The Difference… era) are both pretty good. Check them out if you can find them online.


the comments under the 15 People video have a link to a home-made 3 CD compilation of demos, outtakes and session tracks, plus a couple of other bits (like those acoustic demos that I remember reading the band hated got leaked).


That’s where I got all my stuff from. If the link still works it’s worth checking out. And yes the acoustic sessions suck - haha.


Think you might get a little mention in this @ma0sm


Yeah, I saw that earlier, doubt I’ll get a mention though as I’d buggered off from Australia by that point! Will read it all in the vague hope though :wink:


Anyone seen this?


I went to a thing in Foyles (Bristol) last night where two horror writers were talking and signing books. One of them, Paul Tremblay*, was wearing a FotL shirt. He was American and everything. Had a brief chat with him about it, and apparently he was meeting up with Falco today. Hope they’ve had a nice time.

*his last book, the very good A Head Full Of Ghosts had a FotL lyric for an epigraph (and so does the new one he was plugging, which I haven’t read yet, but which I hope is also very good)


New article from Falco


Sounds like a jolly nice day…


This quote

Like most places in Electrical Audio, it smelled of coffee and young men who hero-worship The Jesus Lizard.


Anybody else spot Falco in the audience on last night’s Reeves and Mortimer? Seem to remember him saying on Twitter that he was at the filming.


Yes it was him


Tempted to book the Eurostar for this one


Do it!


We’ve been watching The Good Wife and last night I noticed that her son has a poster for Travels… on the door of his bedroom.


I am going to this rock show