Official newDiS Future of the Left thread

My brother used to listen to Colin Murray’s show all the time circa 2003 and would tape a lot of songs which I’d later steal and listen to on my walkman. I’m outraged he never taped this.

classic marc riley, i always remember mark and lard having the yeah yeah yeahs’ bang as their record of the week during the summer break from college and playing it uncensored, including the chorus of “as a fuck, son, you suck” every day for a week :heart_eyes:

Think I’m right in saying that Murray took John Peel’s slot over after he died, with some vague pre show hype that he’d continue the spirit of Peel’s show. I think I lasted a couple of shows before I couldn’t take any more of his inane chatter and bland playlist.

mclusky(*) gig in Oxford was immense. Ears took an absolute battering. Worry were a great support as well.

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been listening to mclusky a lot in the gym lately
someone rank all the falkous albums

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Probably wrong and on another day, the top 5 might be in a different order:

How to stop your brain
The difference…
Do Dallas
Peace and truth
Last night…
Mcluskyism (Disc 3 - C-sides)
My pain and sadness…

Have left out the EPs but they’re nearly all very good and all the Christian Fitness LPs, though most of those would be around the level of Plot for me. The mclusky debut is the only record on that list I’m not a fan of. There’s plenty to love on all their LPs I think.

Excited to see them again soon. Probably be about the 20th time I’ll have seen a Falco band.


I also don’t think I’ve seen the mclusky* shows as I’ve been away with work whenever they’ve happened. I far prefer FOTL as a band on record but am for the first time since mclusky split up really excited to hear some of these songs again.

Hope they play There ain’t no fool in Ferguson. Suspect they won’t mind…

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I can get behind this. Good ranking

Would maybe swap Do Dallas and Peace and Truce but that’s it

I really, really like Peace and Truce so it seems crazy how low it is on that list. It’s just purely that those other albums resonated with me more at the points in my life they came out or have songs I adore.


Peace & Truce
Pain & Sadness

No way I’m trying to factor in the Christian Fitness albums either


Loved How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident when it came out and definitely felt like a ‘return to form’ but don’t go back to it that often lately. Plot and Accident with the 4 piece lineup sound a bit like a different band to me (but still a very good one)

Quite like this too. Just goes to show Falco is an absolute force

Favourites change with the wind for me

I don’t tend to go back to that one so much either but did last week and loved it.

It also took me a while to adjust to the expanded line up and know what you mean about a different band in some respects.

The first two mclusky records definitely felt more swift and humourous to me. The third was half that, and half heavier. Maybe the influence of Jack joining, Albini producing or more likely just Falco’s developing taste.

Several of the C-sides on mcluskyism and bit of The Difference point to where the band went with Curses and Travels. That era is probably my most favourite, though a lot of that is because of the gigs and my life circumstances. The gigs were so exciting at that point, especially as someone new to London and the alternative scene. Seeing Falco and Jack improve every gig, many of which were to 200 people, and new songs being roadtested every few months was thrilling. Also think Kelson made a great second singer and was always so enigmatic to watch, hanging upside down and the general excitement of how they performed all that incredible noise with just 3 of them added a real tension.

Took me a while to warm to the new line up. I think Plots has a few of my very favourite FOTL songs on and a lot of Falco’s best lyrics, but the initial live shows took some adjusting to. They weren’t bad at all, just different, and I think I needed those tours and LP to adjust to it.

Since then, I think they’ve found their groove amazingly well again with Julia and as fun as Jimmy was to watch, I felt his antics kinda distracted from the better song writing, lyrics and instrumentation happening.

So to me, mclusky were great fun as a guy in his 20s moving to London, FOTL mk 1 were the most frenetic and unpredictable 3 piece I’ve ever seen and mk 2 have turned into a better, well rounded professional band. I hope going forward that mclusky* and FOTL become separate entities permanently, as whilst the mclusky medley is always fun at FOTL shows, I adore that band so much that I’d personally rather they gave that time over to a couple of the 40 or so belters that didn’t make the set list.

And in the background, I love just about every Christian Fitness LP. Would love to see a live show of the best tracks.


Agree re your point about Plot. It has 3 or 4 of their very best songs. But i understand it was recorded over a number of different sessions and i think that does effect the flow of the album slightly. It is still ace though

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found Plot quite disappointing at the time even if i loved some of the tracks on there. often sounds like they weren’t sure what to do with an extra member and the keyboards get overused to the point of becoming slightly annoying. still think it’s their weakest (though would probably put it above the mclusky debut) but it’s easier to enjoy fully now knowing that it wasn’t the start of a decline as i then feared.

i’d also definitely drop a couple of tracks and maybe sub in My Wife is Unhappy

Plot is still my favorite Falco record. It might be because this is when I first got into the band, the first album you really love by a band usally carries that bias. I like the use of the keyboards , to me at first that was the x factor that made them stand out , well that and their insane bass tone.

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Poundland Shellac interview:

The part about the next FOTL record is a bit sad though. Hope they can find a way to make it happen. I’d crowdfund those sessions…


Crowdfund and babysit


Or they just wait a few years and train their child up to be in the band, a la The Stimulators:

I would re-buy all the Christian Fitness albums again and t-shirts if I could afford it.