Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


:+1: for The Bisexuality of Distance and I Need To Know How To Kill a Cat.

Hey Precious is great too.

Not heard March of the Coupon Saints or Preoccupation Therapy - are they on some rare b-sides stuff?


:heart: and Dry Hate, first ones that come to mind anyway.

#23, fuck sake it’s hard to get predictive to get that right!


March is the b-side to adeadenemy but for some reason isn’t on the digital releases, i stumbled on Preoccupation online somewhere a while back and it’s apparently from some Australian tour 7" of Stand By Your Manatee that i never knew existed.

i stuck em both on youtube cos i liked them so much and don’t seem to be available to buy anywhere (if you’re reading this Falco i can take em down if you’d prefer)


oh yeah i really like New Commuters as well. i find the EPs a bit hit and miss compared to the albums but there’s usually a couple of classics.


These are well boss, cheers!


“I realise that but you’re wearing a Tool t-shirt, so your opinion is invalid. The only way you could have made it worse for yourself is by coming in and wearing a t-shirt that said “Reverend and the Makers” or…and or…CAST.”


“I thought he had a Reverend and the Makers t-shirt on, at which point I was going to BOOT YOU IN THE BALLS.”


“OUT OF THIS FUCKING VENUE…to the next venue, where they. would BOOT YOU IN THE BALLS!”

Love the live album so much, I was there as well!


nice! i still miss Kelson a bit.

might try and make it to the dvd recording if my friend is up for it, but glasgow might be the easiest option. haven’t seen them in ages.


It’s great that they’ve got Ian Catskilkin from Art Brut covering live guitars for them now, but he doesn’t seem to have that unhinged stage presence Kelson or Jimmy had. Someone needs to tell him to start climbing on stuff / running round the audience.


yeah, the Unhinged Welshman role is a fine tradition dating all the way back to Jon Chapple


I am literally both of those things.

In case you’re reading this Falco.


One of the best Jimmy Watkins moments I’ve seen was at their Heaven gig few years back. Jimmy got some chap out of the audience, taped a beer can to his head and used him as a human beer can (pouring him out to the audience). Then, he did a Club Tropicana cover, then climbed on someone’s shoulders, and rode through the audience waving a sausage on a stick. #Propermusic #Properhaircuts #Propersausageonastick


I remember that, was there right next to the guy being poured. Amazing gig.


Love this band. One of the ones that have been around since I got properly into live music at 17, and have never disappointed me since. They had a gig supporting Les Savy Fav at the Astoria in 2008 which was the first one me and my mates travelled a considerable distance to go see, going from the dizzying heights of North Yorkshire.

Weird to think that they’ve been a mainstay of my listening habits/gig going for my entire adult life. Hope that continues for a while yet! Really enjoying the new album the more I listen to it.

Spent some of the day making a playlist with an arbitrary 13 track limit:

  1. Arming Eritrea
  2. The Real Meaning of Christmas
  3. Male Gaze
  4. Running All Over The Wicket
  5. Manchasm
  6. Polymers Are Forever
  7. Beneath The Waves An Ocean
  8. Back When I Was Brilliant
  9. You Need Satan More Than He Needs You
  10. The Lord Hates A Coward
  11. French Lessons
  12. Adeadenemeyalwayssmellsgood
  13. Throwing Bricks at Trains


The chorus of Arming Eritrea, even after all this time, still makes me feel like I can easily sprint up a massive mountain.


I was at that gig too. Los Camp on the bill as well right?


That’s right aye! Forgot about that. At the time I liked Los Campesinos but not a lot, saw them play at Leeds festival the same summer though and they were great.


Me too. They’ve been one of my mainstays ever since the Fingers Become Thumbs single! Nice list, Love Beneath the Waves…

My 13 tracker (subject to change, too many bangers):

  1. Bread, cheese, bow and arrow
  2. Donny of the Decks
  3. Running all Over The Wicket
  4. adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood
  5. Lapsed Catholics
  6. The Limits of Battleships
  7. Goals in Slow Motion
  8. Sorry Dad I Was Late For The Riots
  9. Beneath The Waves An Ocean
  10. Johnny Borrell Afterlife
  11. Stand By Your Manatee
  12. hometapingiskillingsusan
  13. Real Men Hunt in Packs