Official newDiS Future of the Left thread

from what i remember they posted a couple of demos online long before the album came out but the album versions ended up being pretty much the same in the end yeah - is it I Am The Least Of Your Problems, My Wife is Unhappy and Notes on Achieving Orbit?

Damien is definitely contributing to the new McLusky and my understanding is they are rehearsing/writing remotely. I think if they can get to the States and get Albini to produce it will sound a world away from the demo that was released

I LOVE FOTL. Every album does different things for me. The plot has some of the best songs but doesnt hold together as well (a number of different sessions and you can hear that)
How to stop your Brain is the one for me. I love it. It’s got a bit of everything that makes the band great. Such a fun band with every line up, all slightly different.

Falco is such a talent. Good guy too


Yep, them 3 plus Hometapingiskillingsusan, Goals In Slow Motion and Beneath the Waves an Ocean.

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It’s the one I usually put on when in need of a FOTL fix. As you say, it’s got a bit of everything


it’s great but i haven’t really listened to it in a long time for whatever reason

Plot and How to Stop Your Brain both feel a bit like a different version of the band to me, while Peace and Truce feels like the return of the original band (even though Kelson’s still gone)

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Yeah I can agree with that. Plot much more so than How to Stop Your Brain though. The pacing of the latter really works for me whereas Plot is a bit all over the place… a lot of great ideas on there but some of them kinda miss the mark for me and leave me feeling a bit… unsatisfied, for want of a better word

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Absolutely top guy.

I recently had some bad news in my family and I got chatting to him about it on Twitter, and he was so supportive. I couldn’t believe he even remembered who I was given how long it’s been since we last spoke but he offered me some incredible advice and took the time to check up on me days later.

No need to do that at all, but he did anyhow. I massively appreciated it.

Still waiting on that book he said he was writing. Bet that’ll be a good read.


Also agree on Plot. It’s probably their most polarising album but it totally has a half dozen of my favourites on it.

Notes on achieving orbit, Failed Olympic bid, Beneath the waves an ocean, Anchor… all up there with their best work for me.

Find it a fascinating ‘rough diamond’ of a record.

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Two more tracks from the mclusky DVD/live album, this time from the London show:


The live album’s now on Bandcamp in full…


only getting round to listening now

nice to get a guest appearance from Kelson