Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


What the hell happened to Les Savy Fav? It’s been six years since the last album


The psychotic drawn out throat shredding at the end of Chin Music.


Walk through walls material.


Yes. What a pair of sledgehammers to open an album with. Those two tracks go together so well.


been a mainstay for me since around the time Manchasm was released as a single, in the latter half of my first year at uni - sadly only been able to see them twice since then so far, if i lived in England/Scotland/Wales i’d imagine they’d be my most-seen band by quite some distance.

My effort (also subject to change):

  1. Arming Eritrea
  2. Small Bones Small Bodies
  3. Johnny Borrell Afterlife
  4. Chin Music
  5. Manchasm
  6. Failed Olympic Bid
  7. In a Former Life
  8. Fingers Become Thumbs!
  9. Singing of the Bonesaws
  10. 50 Days Before the Hun
  11. Prescriptions
  12. You Need Satan More Than He Needs You
  13. Notes on Achieving Orbit


Christ, where to start on a top 13…

1 - Arming Eritrea
2 - Bread Cheese Bow And Arrow
3 - Manchasm
4 - Johnny Borrell
5 - Beneath The Waves
6 - Stand By Your Manatee
7 - French Lessons
8 - How To Spot a record Company
9 -
10 - adeadenemy
11 - Running All Over The Wicket
12 - Notes on Achieving Orbit
13 - Hey Precious
14 - Prescriptions

yeah, i know…


The Fiber Provider, The Bi-Sexuality of Distance ,Prescriptions,With Apologies to Emily Pankhurst and are my personal favorite non-album tracks. All definitely good enough to be album tracks.


Notes on Achieving Orbit is the perfect album closer. If there’s a better album closing song I haven’t heard it!


Right, here’s my meaningless 13:

  1. Arming Eritrea
  2. Fingers Become Thumbs!
  3. beneath the waves an ocean
  4. Plague Of Onces
  5. Johnny Borrell Afterlife
  6. Donny On The Decks
  7. How To Spot A Record Company
  8. The Limits Of Battleships
  9. Prescriptions
  10. Drink Nike
  11. The Real Meaning Of Christmas
  12. adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood
  13. notes on achieving orbit


These are the non-album/EP tracks I’ve got, am I missing any?

March Of The Coupon Saints (adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood)
Chastity Drive (At Magnetic West)
Com.Man.Do (At Magnetic West)
Tell The Truth About The Brace Position (At Magnetic West)
I Have Four Names (The Hope That House Built)
The Fibre Provider (Fingers Becomes Thumbs / The Lord Hates A Coward)
Sum Of All Parts (Manchasm)
The Big Wide O (Small Bones Small Bodies)
I Need To Know How To Kill A Cat (Small Bones Small Bodies)
Preoccupation Therapy (Stand By Your Manatee)
Stick To What You Slip (Demo)
Be Your Own Leash (Demo)
Cloak The Dagger (Demo)
Total Love Solutions (Demo)

Got the demos from @Vamos (thank you!) the last time I did this.


not that i know of! i got those from vamos too but think i lost them when i changed laptop, must dig through my old PMs. the At Magnetic West tracks are the only ones i’ve never had (having not managed to get the RSD 7") though from what i remember of hearing them they didn’t seem like their best


Those are certainly all the early ones.

There have been quite a few EPs you got as a bonus purchase with the past few albums, but not any more demos or rarities to my knowledge…


I love the intelligible screaming in Prescriptions just before and up to the 3 minute mark. That’s the best time Falco has done those kind of vocals outside of playing live I reckon. Going to steal your idea and have that at as my 13th track instead of Trowing Bricks Off Trains.


100% with you on this, that point where his vocals descend into noise rather than actual words gets me every time. Then one last… “coincidentally”.


They did an exclusive song for a recent Wrongpop compilation which I never got round to buying and now it’s unavailable which was silly of me… The title escapes me


if that’s the compilation i’m thinking of i’m pretty sure it was an old song from the At Magnetic West EP


Is that this?

If so, Tell The Truth About The Brace Position was on At Magnetic West unless this is a rerecording of it.


well this is awks


Ah ok, Cheers. I used to have the At Magnetic West stuff but lost it somewhere along the way when changing computers


Interesting seeing everyone’s top 13’s the fact there is a pretty even mix of songs across the albums shows how consistent they are.

So far Arming Eritrea,Beneath the Waves and Johnny Borrell seem to be the favorites , closely followed by Adeadenemy and Prescriptions. I remember reading somewhere that Prescriptions missed out on being on 'How to stop" in favor of ‘I Don’t know what you Ketamine’ as they thought they were similar and there was only room for one of them on the album.


A list -

  1. Small Bones Small Bodies
  2. Arming Eritrea
  3. Notes on Achieving Orbit
  4. Throwing Bricks at Trains
  5. Lapsed Catholics
  6. Plague of Onces
  7. Singing Of The Bonesaws
  8. Sheena Is A T-Shirt Salesman
  9. Land of My Formers
  10. Drink Nike
  11. Cloak the Dagger
  12. How To Spot A Record Company
  13. Chin Music