Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


Loving the first song on this!

Bit strange that this is on Deezer but none of the Christian Fitness albums are :confused:


Falco just sent round an email with a general update on things. Key info:

A) 4th Christian Fitness album is currently planned for release in February!
B) Referring to FOTL: “upcoming UK tour will be our last for a while, reasons for which should become clear in the very nearly future.”

Can make a few guesses about what those reasons will be, but I reckon this will be good news for them.


I really feel that if there was any place to wildly speculate, this thread is it.


Oh, cheers. Ended up in my spam folder.

Jeeeeeesus! This is great but I can’t keep up! Almost didn’t buy the newest one cos they were coming a little bit fast for me, though ended up giving in and it’s brilliant.

Ooft. Glad I’m free next week, gonna nip across to the Glasgow date. Have seen them far too few times despite them being one of my absolute favourite bands. I’m gonna go to that Club.The.Mammoth all-dayer in London at the end of January as well (the lineup is fucking incredible) but this news means I definitely won’t pass up the Glasgow gig.


Club.The.Mammoth lineup for anyone who hasn’t seen it:


For a bunch of boring reasons I don’t think I can make it to any of their gigs this time round. Feel a little bit shit about it, especially as that Mammoth gig looks great. £25 for that line up as well!


i think the early bird tickets might have passed now but i need to check. i was pretty keen on going to it but wasn’t fully decided, then they went and added Girl Band the other day. phwoar.


I’ll keep my guesses to myself, just in case I’m wrong and it’s a sensitive thing. Not sure if that makes sense, but I know what I mean!


Do it.


I say this because I would snap up that line up in a flash if I could and am immensely jealous.


Oh nooooowww I get what you think it is!


So, we’ve now had about 10 years of Future of the Left. Who do we all prefer?

  • McLusky
  • Future of the Left

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that’s incredibly tough, especially with so much more FOTL material now. i listen to FOTL a lot more, partly because there’s no more Mclusky material, and i think the first Mclusky album is the weakest by either band. but i think the best Mclusky stuff by and large trumps the best FOTL stuff so Mclusky get my vote.


Really tricky to choose but had to go mclusky in the end, but it’s just by a whisker purely because as much as I love FOTL mclusky are responsible for a greater number of my favourite songs ever. Same thing goes live too - it may possibly just be a nostalgia thing but although I’ve seen so many awesome FOTL gigs on the whole the mclusky gigs still just pip them for me.



Bloody hell, tough choice. I went for Future of the Left, because of the shear amount of fucking great material they’ve got, always consistently excellent live and I just love them. That’s not to say Mclusky aren’t totally boss - the Mcluskyism boxset with the B and C sides stuff is awesome. Got into them around the time they imploded though :frowning:






I heard a rumour that Dylan was turning down his nobel prize for literature and the committee was reconvening to award the prize to Falco. Hope it’s true! (Although if it means that they are going to
stop playing scuzzy rock venues with FOTL maybe i don’t).


A vote for McLusky for me, but it’s a close thing. The fact there is even a question about whether a band is better now than 20 years ago (I know there not the same band but you know what I mean) is pretty incredible. I think it’s swayed to McLusky for me because (heresy alert) I think there’s been a dip in quality on the last FOTL 2 albums and McLusky have taken on a mythical quality because I haven’t seem them a ton of times like I have with FoTL (only saw part them the once at an Albini ATP before I knew who they were, and that was the part where they spent most of the time destroying the drum kit. Knew then they were the sort of band I could do business with).