Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


‘How to stop your brain…’ is their best album, you crazy fool!


*4th (maybe joint 3rd)


Nope. No. Incorrect.


I think this is actually a bit of an easy choice. Mclusky were great and Do Dallas has a fucking great energy about it, but Future of The Left (even from Curses) have just always felt like the more accomplished band. Saying “accomplished” really doesn’t mean much at all but I’m not sure how to articulate myself on this.

I got into Future of The Left first though, and maybe that’s influenced me a bit but I would rate all of the FOTL albums above Do Dallas, apart from maybe The Plot Against Common Sense.


Tell me more…

Actually I’m thinking

Travels with Myself and Another
Curses/The Peace and Truce of Future of the Left
How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident
The Plot Against Common Sense


I sort of know what you mean by the accomplished thing. The first two FOTL records are easily my favorite of theirs, but even during the period where these were the only two records they had released I still preferred McLusky. As they’ve grown as a band I just feel that they are so much better live now and and have that slight edge over McLusky.

I do miss Kelson though.


Weren’t we stood next to that guy?

I definitely was. In my memory you were there as well. Classic.


I think so! i remember meeting up with you and Jamie Summers. Was joeymahone there as well? Can’t remember. We were right near the edge of the pit (if I remember correctly).


I think I’d agree with this list completely. How To Stop is a really great album and I was happy it was such a big improvement over Plot when I was worried they were starting a decline. But it still has to end up near the bottom of the list purely because the others are better.

Peace & Truce is a funny one for me in that for the first time there aren’t any massive standouts on it and the ‘singles’ and first listen left me underwhelmed. But now as a whole album I just think it’s really great and reminds me so much of Curses, which was a sound I always sort of missed.


I got into both bands at the same time which makes it a bit harder - bought Curses and Mclusky Do Dallas in like the same week or something (might have bought Mcluskyism slightly before). At the time I definitely preferred Mclusky and so I’ve always stuck to that preference but with FOTL’s body of work now it’s a little bit harder to separate.


A little late but here’s my effort at a top 13. Sooo many great songs had to be cut, tough to get it down to 13.

2.Failed Olympic Bid
3.The Bi-Sexuality of Distance
4.Small Bones, Small Bodies
5.50 Days Before the Hun
6.The Fibre Provider
7.Polymers are Forever
8.The Male Gaze
9.Back When I was Brilliant
10.Cosmo’s Ladder
11.Arming Eritrea
12.You Need Satan
13. Notes On Achieving Orbit


I would have to say FOTL, due to being a nipper in McLusky’s day.


it sounds as though fotl is a healthier and happier band to be in than mclusky was (for the latter part of their career, at least) and that can only be a good thing.


I’ll be watching Forest-Barnsley next door in the royal park before the gig.


falco & julia are having a baby :slight_smile:


Yay! Great news! :smiley:

Don’t know why, but the line “with what we assume is a human baby” is cracking me up.


i had suspected/hoped it might be this when falco said recently that this would be the last tour for a while, but cautious optimism hasn’t exactly served me well this year (see also: brexit, trump). it’s nice to have been right for once.

i had a good chuckle about the ‘human baby’ line as well. it’s always important to exercise caution in these situations, mind. don’t want to find yourself in the middle of an alien/prometheus situation


This is what I was thinking of!


FOTL on Riley on 6 music right now. Switch your radio on right now and you’ll get the end of Arming Eritrea (or just listen on catch up later).


Good racket they make