Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


Caught a bit of the chat and Miner’s Gruel. Hopefully find some time to catch up on the rest tomorrow.


They played:
Reference Point Zero
Arming Eritrea
Miners Gruel


I thought I heard his dulcet tones on 6 music as I was cooking my tea, I managed to catch the whole thing in the end. They proper ripped through Arming Eritrea.


you can listen again here… they start about 25 mins in…

they were great


nice, that was excellent


not sure if going now :frowning:

have a good night. haven’t been in the royally for… about 18 years!!!


Indeed, cracking stuff.


Also, liked the bit about Matt from Mclusky being a veggie and hating animals because “he didn’t want those dirty things in his mouth” or words to that effect :smiley:

Best band ever.


Mandatory pop at Billy Corgan and co.


listened at work this morning and was trying not to lose it at their attempt to gloss over falco’s jibe about restricting pete townshend’s internet access.


nice new falco interview over on ‘main’/old dis now:


bit about the brand slogans thread :slight_smile:


Going to see them on sunday.

Still don’t seem to really like them for some reason. Hoping that seeing them live will change my mind.


one of the best live bands you’ll see…


What the hell twinny, what. the. hell (with good intentions!) x

Think USA Nails are playing that as well, make sure you see them. They RULE HARD.


saw usa nails play to a mostly empty and fairly disinterested room at handmade festival earlier this year and they still fucking slayed. amazing band.

fotl were shit hot (are they ever anything but?) on their tour earlier this year as well.


See you in the pit!


Seeing them for the first time on Saturday in Birmingham. No idea what to expect. I’ve barely listened to them.


Their drummer is a beast, ex-Hawk Eyes stickman, absolute machine. They’ve got quality stage banter as well. Last time I saw them the singer said, completely deadpan: “It’s Friday night, everyone’s having a good time…not me. I could be at home. In my bed. This next one is about pissing yourself.” * kicks into Chain of Command*


steve hodson (ex-oceansize/kong/briefly fotl bassist), innit.