Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


Indeed! Absolute top lad. Saw him and Falco at the Electric Ballroom in April having a chat - couldn’t approach them to say hi, too nervous.




Anyone else at the Glasgow gig tonight? Loooot of My Vitriol jokes :smiley:


How was it? Both the My Vitriol jokes and the set!


“Someone sent me a link where they accused me of starting an Internet campaign against them. The only internet campaign against them is their own cellular structure.”

Great set. Was delighted they threw in Without MSG and the closing medley was ace. Good crowd too.

Weird moment where someone shouted something about “all of us white guys together” but it was just greeted by everyone with confusion and bemusement.

Went to nick what I thought was Falco’s setlist but was lyric cues for Battleships so left it behind in case it’s needed for the rest of the tour (someone else probably grabbed it though tbh).


Imagine if they recorded a new live album but this time round they slagged off MV between songs instead of the Reverend Markers


they’re filming/recording their london show next week


good timing! :grinning:


perhaps we should have a dis plant in the audience with one of those mv coca-cola tshirts on to try and provoke falco’s ire


Glad you enjoyed it! They joked on facebook or twitter or somewhere that Battleships is hard to play live, I didn’t think that was because of remembering the lyrics!

I’ve seen them play a few Mclusky songs before, but not that one and I’m a bit jealous.


Yeah it was for the tireless testers/enemy combatants etc bit. Someone singing along beside me seemed to have memorised it pretty impressively.

Yeah probably my favourite Mclusky song as well. Only seen them do To Hell With Good Intentions and Lightsabre before. Need to get to one of those ‘mclusky*’ gigs sometime


Awesome, roll on 1 Dec! :smiley:


we got gareth brown says when i saw them in norwich earlier this year!


USA nails! Great band that.


Who on earth could that have been!?


Re: My Vitriol - they played Always Your Way in the bar in Birmingham, followed by Idlewild’s A Little Discourage.

I don’t know. Make of that what you will.


roll on roll on roll on roll on ROLL


how was your first fotl live experience?


Skipped them.

Are you a FotL convert now? I thought they were great last night.


It wasn’t good.