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aw, that’s a shame. hoped you might enjoy them a bit more after seeing them live.

to each his own and all that.



I was VERY impressed by the venue. A lovely rock bar with lovely pinball tables in a lovely part of the city with a lovely selection of drinks and a great selection of music.

But as for the gig itself, I’m afraid the only high points were the Liars song played over the PA a few minutes before FOTL started, and the Menace Beach t-shirt sported by the singer of the second support act. Other than that, I don’t think I’ve ever had so little fun watching a band.

But like you say. To each their own.



my friend who’s not really into them or into much of that heavier ilk ended up at the Leeds gig and quite enjoyed them, and especially loved the stage bantz. was pleased about that.


Ah, the “stage batnz”. I’d heard good things about that. But it was painfully tedious. Like, Mock The Week tedious.


Struggling to comprehend this. Does not compute at all.


Nah. Not for me. They do have a couple of genuinely excellent songs though, and I enjoyed the gratitude ending.


Went to see them last night in Southampton, very good indeed. It was either there or the Garage gig, and thought I’d made the wrong choice after hearing the garage gig would be filmed and would therefore be An Event. But it was really nice to see them in a small space with some elbow room. Enjoyed the new songs more live than on disc, and a couple of Mcluskys thrown in. Hadn’t heard them do Robocop live for ages which is one of my favourites and was worth the admission alone. Appreciative crowd, one of the most hapless attempts at crowd surfing I’ve ever seen. And a few in the crowd that knew every word of every song - even the new ones (“thanks for that” said Falco," gives us the illusion that the new songs are as good as the old ones")

Top marks for the joiners as well, how a venue should be, good sight lines everywhere and lacking pretensions. Was my first time there, sure it won’t be the last.


Bristol last night was superb. That bass sound they create is astonishing. New songs sounded huge. Think it was the best they’ve sounded, for me. Crowd seemed well into it as well which is always nice to see.

On a separate but similar subject, flyers were given out afterwards forMcLusky* playing in Bristol on NYE… Can’t go. Boo


the two basses on AT&T sound huge


Yeah they played it at the Glasgow gig in May as well


Mclusky on NYE sounds immense, enjoyed their garage set last year lots. Wonder if any more shows on a more convenient date/location are in the offing?


Awesome, tonight’s going to be great! :smiley:



After having to miss out on last night they have very kindly put on a gig in Cardiff a couple of days before my birthday. Coincidence? I think not!


“Danny”, not “Daddy”. It’s apparently a reference to Danny Devito’s character from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Blown my puny mind.


That were good weren’t it? Falco seemed a bit stressed out/nervous at the start? But it good REAL GOOD REAL QUICKTIME.

How to Spot a record company absolutely banged.


So good. Took a few songs for the jokes to start, but great stuff all round, absolutely smashed it through the songs. In A Former Life was huge, so was Record Company and the mash up at the end :smiley:

How fucking great are USA Nails though? Front-loaded set of new songs that sounded proper evil. Great banter as well, “The next 2 songs are on a record you can buy at the merch stall for five monies” and “USA Nails family fun time band” all delivered in dead serious monotone.

Didn’t warm to Idles much, even though they should be right up my street.


aww we didn’t get that in Glasgow. probably my favourite on the album.

didn’t get USA Nails either but Batteries were pretty fun (knew it was the guy from Bis but hadn’t realised he was backed by 3/4 of We Are The Physics) and really liked Damn Teeth


USA nails are fantastic, right? Right!


This band are good