Official newDiS Future of the Left thread


I bought No Pleasure during the Bandcamp ACLU fundraiser and have been listening to it endlessly for the past few weeks now. Wish I’d seen them when they were doing the FOTL support slot.



live vid/live album no 2 is finally (almost) here


for the not-even-on-facebook-ers


This sounds great! Proper good recording.




Ordered! Should be great


Ordered - excited for the live bants as much as I am the live music


There’s a new trailer here

and you can now preorder this on CD/DVD:
the DVDs are being printed to order, so if you want one, order one sooner than later.

there’s a bit less chat on this than the last live album. but it sounds really fucking big.


The week after I move to the Netherlands :unamused:

Wrote these though, doing my bit


mr Bigshot already heard the album probably wears shoes on both feet la-de-da


I made the video, is all.


mr MadeTheVideo got no holes in his socks keeps his milk teeth in an empty jar of marmalade your majesty


Scarily accurate.


Ordered the DVD/CD. Can’t wait.

This man gets so much of my money, I wish he got more of everyone else’s.


In no real order:

  1. arming eritrea
  2. bread, cheese, bow and arrow
  3. johnny borrell afterlife
  4. plague of onces
  5. small bones small bodies
  6. beneath the waves an ocean
  7. singing of the bonesaws
  8. the limits of battleships
  9. robocop 4 - fuck off robocop
  10. you need satan more than he needs you
  11. stand by your manatee
  12. adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood
  13. goals in slow motion

If I had to pick just one? Hmm… ‘bread, cheese…’


Mclusky reforming for a one-off reunion show in Newcastle! Tickets on sale Monday, I’ll be there.

Details here

And in Donald Trump-esque fashion Falco has predicted this:


I haven’t been following this thread but I nearly started one called McLusky Do Newcastle to share this news.


Is this the usual mclusky* or an ACTUAL Jon Chapple reunion?