Official No Nonsense Poll: When does Christmas really begin?

  • Day after Halloween
  • December 1st
  • December 20th
  • December 24th

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its the 20th, but I’m going to fool everyone’s brains into thinking it starts now:


The year of our lord, 0BC.


This looks an awful lot like NONSENSE marckee



that’s a right solid roster of sensible lads voting for the 20th. ooft.


This is quite a nonsense poll unfortunately. Christmas really begins at midnight on December 25th and ends at midnight on the 26th. That’s what Christmas is.




When you see the Coca-Cola advert for the first time



I love Christmas! If the poll was “When is it ok to start feeling Christmassy?” I would have answered very differently.


That’s Christmas Day, not Christmas, obviously


Right I"m off to download Football Manager


i’ll let you know when it’s christmas


Please enjoy it.




We have a little Krampusnacht on 5th December and we put a little figure of him in the window along with our other decorations. One of the neighbours complained it was evil or something last we year and we told him to fuck off. This is Krampus:

I guess we just start in early December and go from there. Love Christmas, can’t be arsed trying really hard to pretend I hate it cos it’ll get me into the cool misanthrope club.


NotonFacebookmate gave me this as a “on this day 7 years ago” post today…


Really want to see someone record a Christmas song with this title.


Urgh now you’ve reminded me of that really grim episode of Inside Number 9.


Being tentatively Christmassy started yesterday when I bought my first Christmas present and looked at the window display at Fortnums.

Being officially Christmassy starts when the decs go up, which is the latest possible weekend when the woman at the end of the road has some trees left. So probably about the 10th ish.

Actual Christmas = evening of last day at work before Christmas obviously.