Official No Nonsense Poll: When does Christmas really begin?

Please select the option for November

There isn’t an option for November. The only one that comes close is “day after Halloween”, which is in November, but is also clearly before Bonfire Night and hence is an absurd choice.


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1st September

5pm on the last day I work before christmas


Christmas is on a Monday this year, 3 day Black Friday, lethal.

I’ve decided to finally embrace retail’s view of things. Christmas now lasts from Halloween until New Year, at which point Easter starts.

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Quite like the home town christmas eve piss up tbh tbf


Correct answer is the first weekend in December. Decorations go up and we dig out the Indie Bellend Christmas Albums (Low and Sufjan)

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My birthday is 1 December. So any time after that.

you have 2 options

Second weekend in December, which is usually closest to the 1st, so that’s what I’ve picked.

top maths

Starts on Christmas Eve Eve.

Finishes on Boxing Day.

End of thread.

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It’s from when I go home for Christmas. please guys, no arguments about the definition of home it’s nearly Christmas and I don’t want an argument.

I don’t like the word homepage because it’s neither of those things

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I chose the 1 December option because I can pretend that the decorations have gone up to celebrate me.

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You’re the day before me mam’s birthday, really hard taking her out for a meal without everywhere being YAY XMAS WOO already.

You’ve got to take her somewhere properly nice, like the Ivy Market Grill, Scotts or 34. There won’t be any Woo Christmas! in those places. Tasteful decorations perhaps, but the customers will not be christmasy.