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Catch all thread for build-up, analysis, mocking, cynicism, Republicanism, Monarchists, and every opinion one and all.


Hot take alert:

I don’t like the monarchy and won’t be watching the wedding


Imagine if she left him at the altar


imagine if he says Rachel instead of Emily


I want her dad to burst into the church half way through the service


Another hot take alert: I don’t get why people think it’s inspiring or whatever that he wants to marry her, like people should be grateful that he’s deigned to go out with a biracial woman?? Also we all know that he’s only allowed to marry her because he’s the spare, they wouldn’t have it otherwise


Has Jennie Bond picked up a new pair of grundies?


In front of a sold-out audience


Got a feeling old Phil will shuffle off the mortal coil on the day.


The last royal wedding was great: I went to Stockholm with my brother, met @BodyInTheThames for a drink, and managed to avoid the whole thing while I was away.


Would be good if they walked down the aisle to this, to make the American feel more welcome.


he’s already dead




What’s more boring

  • Royal Wedding
  • Royal Baby
  • Someone talking about their holiday

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“Does anyone have any reason why these two should not wed”

Prince Philip goes to stand up, then sits back down, putting his arms out, chuckling.


What’s the most boring thing on television this Saturday

  • Toff wedding
  • Chelsea vs. Manchester United football club in the FA Cup final

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I don’t mind Harry (or William) as much as i’m fundamentally against the notion of a royal family and their positions of huge privilege. Megan seems nice as well. I won’t be watching, and there seems to be this weird…undertone to a lot of the stuff in the press that as a white male i’m uncomfortable trying to put my finger on.


Tv said she would like to have a picnic and watch the wedding on a tablet in a park :worried::disappointed:


absolutely this. although to be fair to him he is expanding the gene pool of the family quite considerably, which is more than anyone else had achieved in years. (probably turns out they’re related, doesn’t it? :disappointed:)