🤴 👸 Official Royal Wedding™ Thread 💍


thought it was quite ugly tbh. she looked stunning and loved the lil tiara thing, but the dress was not for me, Clive.


I just wanted to say that this thread should be called Royal Wedding 2: The Weddening, but I’m quite drunk so maybe I shouldn’t.


Uh oh, too late…


I was hoping she’d go off-script and wear something mad unorthodox and make old Phil keel over with shock. The tiara was amazing, but I wasn’t blown away by her dress.


Lol @ The Guardian



some of the music was absolutely fantastic

that is all

not that’s all i think about it, but outside of my political opinions which are very correct, the music was very good (as you’d expect at a wedding that costs however much it cost)


Edit - Balls. I didn’t read that properly.




is that his full name?


thought it was a bit dull really, and a bit sombre, - mad preacher was good - 5/10


BBC managed to fit this propaganda into eastenders


The wife had it on in the living room while I was washing up. Properly tempted to write into Points of View about that shit.


From the fawning BBC:

“The biggest cheer of the day? For the Queen, bent a little with age, and the Duke of Edinburgh, ramrod straight despite his years.”

Tee hee!