🤴 👸 Official Royal Wedding™ Thread 💍

Anyone get an invite?

  • Why yes!
  • No, but I know someone who did.
  • No.
  • Not sure.
  • Prefer not to answer.

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Are you in Amsterdam hoogs?

I know which one will be cheaper!

I was living in Houston at the time, so by the time I got home from work in the early afternoon, it was all over, and I went to George Bush to grab my parents as they’d spent the whole time on the plane.

My wife, a Canadian, is a strong royalist and loved watching it. We will be watching it this weekend. PS I plan on getting five hours of Zelda in on my Switch.

Youngest daughter (6) declared this morning that she wants to watch it. The program is on from 9am - 2pm! Might have to pretend that the telly is broken. Or maybe just crack open the wine a lot earlier than usual.


Can’t believe we aren’t getting a bank holiday for this. The last one was amazing: I had a lovely walk through Sheffield Cemetery to Blockbuster (remember them?), rented Portal 2 and rinsed the whole thing while knocking back glasses of cheap wine. Great day.

This time the gf will be watching as she’s some kind of monarchist lizard person so I’ll probably go to the pub.

George Bush had kidnapped your parents?

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My 3 year old has got this wedding confused with my sisters wedding, which is due in August, and the fact that a teacher at school told her that Meghan will become “a real princess” which, whilst it might be true to an extent, is like putting a plate of chips in front of me and saying “don’t eat these mate”.


I assumed that @marckee would understand I mean IAH, or George Bush Intercontinental Airport - Wikipedia

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Would be wild to get a third bank holiday in May, mind you. Did that happen the last time?


Would be funny if the Queen elbowed everyone out the way really aggressively and caught the bouquet


It did, yeah. I think it was in April though so it wasn’t an already bank holiday heavy month.

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What would happen if she changed her mind, would the secret service make her do it?

Imagine if it was just one of Harry’s classic bantatastic merks and he’s just doing some metal joinery in front of the nation

“I didn’t expect this much public attention I the royal WELDING”

Oh and he’s dressed as a Taliban or something while he’s doing it


Just put on Platoon half way through and act as if it’s totally normal


We’re attending a wedding in Edinburgh on Saturday so we’ll miss it. I think she’ll look lovely, although she is quite quite mad for doing it. I like the pomp and pageantry of these kind of things until the novelty wears off about five mins later.

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Or, what I was also toying with, was suggesting that she could watch it with the volume turned down whilst I listen to music. Soundtrack the wedding to Autechre, or the Disintegration Loops, or Neurosis.


Hope William and Charles do a version of My Girls by animal collective

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Agree with the ‘harry and will seem decent lads’ take (and meghan obvs) - but yeah, couldn’t give a fuck about their babies/weddings/anything else

For once, the national media over here probably won’t give much of a shit because it’s the same week as NORWAY DAY