OFFICIAL thread for cataloguing when people done other people there 2.0: The Bloodening



DD does Markee


aw that wasn’t meant as a put down though


Genuinely destroyed by this.







I mean, I asked for it, but



@profk gets a shoeing right here.


Jezza hands xylo his walking papers


wait what? i’ve explicitly said that i live in kent (even though markee et al argues that i actually don’t), multiple times.


It’s one thing to be born there but imagine moving there! Of your own volition!


Ah the salter has become the salteed :wink:


people get REALLY angry when they realise they might be tory :\


Keep up the good fight man, I’m sure you’ll get those kippers converted soon enough.


not likely. currently in full war with the SE9 facebook group moderators for being insane bigots. it’s fun round our way.


My brother moved to Kent! Was in Canterbury for years and now lives in Maidstone. Poor fucker.


oh man that’s a step down and a half :’(


does this count as a self-doing?


if i started screenshotting some of the shit on there and put it on here there’d be full on riots.