Official Tuesday Evening Thread


hi there,

how are you this evening? what are you eating, drinking and/or doing?

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I’m sat around not doing much. Gonna head down to the beach for drinks and to watch the sun set in a bit. Might play scrabble. Eating a bunch of stuff from the fridge with bread, it’s like a picnic :slight_smile: kind of want an ice cream though. Would be drinking some apple juice but the tv finished it already :frowning:


I tickled a donkey today.

This isn’t a euphemism.


Evening! Had baked potatoes, beans and cheese for tea. No plans other than playing some video games and possibly having a hot chocolate later.


Meatballs, penne, garlic bread and berry crumble :pregnant_woman:

Heading out to the shops in a bit to pick up some euros as I’m off to Dublin tomorrow.


Evening all.

:pizza:, Witcher, Weeds.

bit knackered from being slowly cooked in my office all day. Was thinking of going to a talk by Safiya Umoja Noble on search and inequalities in it’s algorithms, but couldn’t face another couple of hours in my suit.


Hey there all! Listening to the Egyptian Lover and having a glass of wine. TV is currently in A&E with her Mam so waiting on news from her. Not worried too much but would like to hear something soon.





yeah I could go for an ice cream right now.


i have 1.5hrs left at work, then i’m going to go and collect my mushroom stroganoff from the catering truck. was supposed to go out for a run tonight but it’s raining so i’ll probably play zelda 2 on the NES instead.


Just taken the recycling out, whilst wearing flip flops. Got bin juice all over my feet didn’t I.

Also just heard the new single by Reef featuring Sheryl Crow. It is not what the world needs in 2018.


how long are up north for?


Never heard it called tha…oh


a couple weeks


Funny sounding crumble…


omg found dr oetker pizzas in spain finally - a whopping 3.10 euros for one!

had to buy one though as the flavours were rare (spinach)




i was tempted by that too but it’s not the doctor’s finest work imo


Thai green curry, Westworld. Going to try to cunningly manipulate the gf into going to the shop to get me chocolate.