Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree

I saw a christmas tree in someone’s front window last night while I was out for my evening stroll.



If I had mine up that early, I’d eventually go berserk and pull it down long before the actual day

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Hotel near me went full Xmas yesterday, the whole fucking works. Was quite a sight to behold. Would give you a photo but I didn’t take one.

I didn’t take one either, for some reason I thought it might be a bit weird to take a photo through someone’s front window

It has to be a full tree. These days, folk have fairy lights up all year so it can only be confirmed if you see a tree.

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I hope it was real and by the 25th it’ll be a pine needle free big brown stick. So festive.

We have ours still from last year. Looking pretty special.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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I don’t actually care for Christmas tbh tbf…


speaking of christmas, i had a look at flights back home last night. They’re already expensive, why do i do this every year.

The holidays are coming
The holidays are coming

The holidays are coming

The holidays are coming

The holidays are coming

ALWAYS COCA-COLA! :christmas_tree:


Primark, got a whole lotta gifts for christmas
got a lot for the family! :musical_note::musical_note::musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:

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:musical_note: Autoglass Repair
Autoglass Replace :notes:

Got a photo now. This is the hotel:

And this is the hotel a few doors down that suddenly put their decorations up one day later:

It’s all kicking off in Nijmegen.