Oh FFS a Tuesday thread

I am coming down with another cold. Gah. Spent the whole of my London trip with one, disappeared as I got back and now this.


Same. Got rid of my new year virus in time for going to London for a burns supper last week. Have undoubtedly caught new virus during my travels. Urgh. I might just go-slow this morning and wander into work a bit later to give myself a break.

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Just had to give directions to a man only wearing jeans. Seemed pretty cheery for a half naked man in frosty conditions.

Feel a bit sick today, probably all the dairy I ate last night (and have to eat for lunch today).

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Been for a “quick stroll” down the beach and had some lunch


I’ve picked up a cold as well. Slightly bunged nose, scratchy throat, all the classic signs of impending coldness.

Today is Friday as I’m off tomorrow. Hoping to do as little as possible. That’s about all I’ve got.

Working from wfh because I’ve got a skivey piss-up valuable CPD event this afternoon. Doesn’t feel like it’s going to be a productive day, if I’m honest.

Morning commute fancying people-o-Rama

:musical_note: JUST ANOTHER TUESDAY MOOOORRRN :musical_note:

Finally actually doing that presentation thing today

Wish me luck

I expect STOMACH COMPLAINTS in the preceding hours bc that’s my favourite unhelpful symptom of nervousness


@CillaCrack are you in Manchester today? If not you have a double

Have got a cold too, just got over one as well

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Ffs! New bed is too cozy. Can’t get up

Can’t believe we finally have a bed where my feet don’t hang out the end


Morning. Just landed at Gatwick. Got a poor four hours sleep. CBA.

Yeah deffo, dangerous visibility too

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Having walked to work an hour ago, can confirm this.


Woke up. Thought it was Saturday. It is not Saturday.


That’s quite a mistake, chief! Still, if you thought it was last Saturday pay day is a lot closer than you thought

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No, but you might be on to something here. Say for a minute it were Saturday, that would make Sunday which would mean I’dn’t need to get out of bed for two days. Think i might need this excuse later in my quest.


Always felt share houses had to be either all of you hang like mates or just lock myself away. I don’t really mind either but I think that’s unusual


It was only for a fleeting moment, until I realised that, you know, it’s only Tuesday.

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