Oh ffs it’s Monday

Couldn’t sleep during the night so am extra wiped today. Might treat myself to a pastry though.

Whatcha all up to?

Furious to learn I did not win an Oscar. Terrible start to the week


Ha ha not even a technical?


It’s snowing!!

Still in Edinburgh, so taking a half day annual leave this morning to go for a Spoons breakfast and then get a train home.


Stay safe, everyone getting to work.

Off down the stocktaking mines again. 2 days to go until 9 off so it could be worse.

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Thought the wind was supposed to be gone now.

Kept getting woken up by it through the night and its still battering the house. I think this is a particularly windy location though.

Need to take the dog for a walk then getting the train into Brum because I need to get a birthday present for my mom, a wedding present for my mate and some new work clothes. Probably treat myself to a burrito for lunch.

Absolutely detest clothes shopping. At least I can claim it back from work this time.

Gonna post a few threads today I reckon!


Please don’t rub it in m8



Also getting a pastry probably as going to lidl, and that’s the done thing.

Going to hide out in the library all morning because I’m a coward.

Listening to Mew again.


have to work at our stupid Gatwick office again today. definitely the kind of day where you want to be having a long commute to work involving multiple trains and a bus :sob:

wonder if i can get a pastry at the airport on my way through :thinking:

It’s my Friday :tada:


Terrible night’s sleep. Have a stressful week ahead of me. Boiler broke yesterday.

But at least I won an Oscar.


I’m back on the train and bus today. The last two weeks I’d done quite a few late nights and took the easy option of the car. Hopefully this week I’ll be back to just one late, or even hopefully none.

I’m just coming up to Purley Station, if I see the Gatwick express I’ll give it a wave.

managed to pick up ‘best supporting poster’ at the awards last night, I’ll take that


get a pastel de nata

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Using the partial closure of a stretch of motorway as an excuse to work from wfh. I normally take the exit before the closed part and it only looks like a 10 minute queue there, but sshhhhhhhhhh

It’s my Wednesday. in 84 hours we’ll be watching Carl Rae Jepsen