Oh ffs it’s Monday

The wind and rain has suddenly stopped and the sun has come out. Might stick my shorts on.


Up at 530 with the baby - cracking start to the week…

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Morning. Two days annual leave, what a clever laelfy.

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Annual leaf(y)



Hello everyone and good luck with your respective Mondays

I got woken up much earlier than usual because I slept in a house where there are children. They didn’t go for the method of jumping up and down on top of me today though, so that’s something.

Got therapy later for the first time since sometime in December, feels like a total chore.

But hey, this time Wednesday I’ll be on my way to Sweden for a festival!

I’ve got some serious spreadsheet action lined up for today.

Then a hospital appointment later for a CT scan (routine follow up).

Sadly no Oscar for me.

sadly my work are too cheap to allow me to get the Gatwick Express, although tbf the normal trains I get only stop at East Croydon anyway so no biggie

Morning all.

Tired. Woke up by Mr Socks who was repeatedly jumping over Mrs Horses head for some reason. Thought I’d better put a stop to that before the inevitable happened.

Forgot to bring my breakfast in. Forgot my work pass too, so I had to stand out in the cold for ages and then convince a woman from my building that I’m not just here to steal all the PCs. Great start to the week.

On the plus side I won as many Oscars as Scorsese did last night. Good company to be in. And I can always steal some PCs to cheer myself up.

Hope you’re all well.


Did you get your Best Married Couple Supporting Carley Rae Jepsen award or was there another nominee?


Massive case of the cost benefit analyses this morning

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Bad traffic

Tube absolutely creaking along, I don’t need this :weary:

@rich-t yes mate!!!

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Hi. Good sleep involving presleep massages. Always helps. Kids up at 6am was nice too, haha. Snow everywhere! At the hospital now for a wrist fracture clinic. Mri on scaphoid coming up.

I’d really like it if my back could stop hurting now please.

Although I’m nearly 35 so maybe this is just my life now.

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cycled to work. witnessed a refuse collector person trying to pick up some litter and it was very windy and it kept blowing away so he shouted “FUCK SAKE!” and just walked off. poor bloke. was quite funny though.


Sounds ace.


which day does it feel like happens most often

  • monday
  • tuesday
  • wednesday
  • thursday
  • friday
  • saturday
  • sunday
  • :nerd_face: actually, each day occurs an equal number of times in any given week

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Wearing a turtleneck, gonna drop some sweeet opinions

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3 day week :blush:
Got back ache :pensive:
Really cba to get up early to workout this morning but I forced myself :muscle:
Got no lunch :pensive:
Visiting my elderly friend this afternoon :confused:
Curry leftovers for dinner :yum:
Gonna spend a couple of hours reading later :nerd_face:

Hugs x

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