Oh god it’s Tuesday morning?

And I actually have to wake up and do work? Ffs.

How are you?

It’s 6am here and I’ve been woken up in surround sound by both a toddler and a puppy. Now listening to the Ramones cover of the Spiderman theme tune on repeat while getting mauled on the arm, as is our want.

So stressed I feel like my eyeballs are vibrating. They’re probably not though.

Have an urgent work thing I’ve put off doing for ages. It’s not particularly difficult but I have a total block in it. Have tried to start twice already this morning and haven’t managed anything more than opening Word. Just end up going to my room and screaming into my pillow. Imagine having a brain that just goes “okay, this task needs doing so I’ll do it”.

They might be! Mine have done that before when I’ve been very very tired or super anxious.

I’m really tired. Tempted to get a McDonald’s breakfast as if that will help.

Feels like it should be Wednesday.

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Ugh, the dream! Hope you get at least some of it done so you feel better

It’s Burns Night and I’m ready

Whisky Sauce!
More whisky!


Thanks. Think I’m going to go to Caffe Nero and see if I can get it hammered out there.

Back to back meetings all morning. Ugh!

When am I going to have time for my mid morning coffee?

Awake. Dressed. Stomach hurts as per usual. Got nothing to do.

When Mrs F gets up we’ll have some nice croissants for breakfast, then I need to work out how to while my day away.

Then we should hook these puppies up to the national grid and get some use out of them. Sick of them freeloading in my ocular cavities.

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Very exciting delivery due today (nerd related tech stuff from work to help with my lovely old confused brain), fantasising about suddenly becoming Tess McGill the instant it arrives. Going to have this song playing when I see the courier come down the path.

In suuny Glasgow for the week with the TV and wee tiny comrade!

Went to Mono and found Aereogramme’s last album, seemed appropriate (were the Gramme from Glasgow? Anyway glad I’ve finally got it)


Tired Dog GIF


Heading to office. Got some slightly nightmarish managing to do this week. Clashing opinions from various team members, all with merit, none of them actually correct. Lots of pass agg glaring gonna be coming my way

Got my annual appraisal this afternoon so I should log off and do some work :weary:

Just making a coffee in my new kitchen that I’m fully obsessed with :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s not finished, but a small peek for those interested


Yes, basically. I think like a few bands they’re technically from gestures across the clyde valley but yeah, they’re part of the great pantheon of Glasgow bands.

Glasgow’s great.

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morning troops

had a class night’s sleep, got the Wordle in 2, already had a meeting at work and got a Maccie Ds breakfast. Need to pop to Aldi to get a few things for tea - probably not haggis as the kids think it is dogshit for cunts.

Going to take the day easy as I am very poorly mentally, so not too much work. Easing on the gas pedal after a week of shit from all sides.

I hope your days is fruitful.