Oh god it’s Tuesday morning?

Ahhh, looks so good!! Love the backsplash and tiles in particular!

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Mornin folks!

Already been out for a bike, just a quick blast for 20 minutes or so - much colder out there than I thought.

Warming back up with a cup of tea, then I’ll do a bit of yoga and take the dog for a walk.

Waiting for an email/phone call from the estate agent at some point this morning, to say the house is finally up or sale.

Really struggling to get through a bit of tedious work so I’ve put on Raw Power to get me moving, but this is the first time I’ve listened to the Tidal master quality through my monitors so now I’m just sat here sipping my coffee and stroking my beard and going “ooh, didn’t notice that bit of clipping noise before” instead of doing my work

Shut up, @kermitwormit

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10- Mousetrap
9- Sylvanian families (fao Mrs @xylo)
8- Etch a sketch
1- Teddy bears

The top list of all time favourite toys or something according to This Morning. Was gonna write out the whole list but Rochelle was talking too fast for my thumbs to keep up.

I actually have loads to do that I need to get on with immediately, yet….

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DID you know Sylvanian Families are a japanese brand?

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I did not!! What an interesting factlet!

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Had this thing I get sometimes last night with ectopic heartbeats where your heart just like misses a beat every now and then so am lying in bed and it’s all ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum, NOTHING, ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum.
And it feels all fluttery and that. Went on for about an hour. The more you notice it the worse it feels, and then couldn’t sleep after my ‘window of getting to sleep’ had passed.
Should probably stop chain drinking coffee or something LOL whatamIlike?!

Thank you!! I’m so happy with the choices!

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Ooooh I love it!

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Popped into the office for a quick visit this morning (because a company decided to sent a paper receipt rather than, yknow, a goddamn PDF) and grabbed some breakfast buns on the way home

Not just waiting for a new Music League playlist to drop … :mantelpiece_clock:


I think we have the exact same tiles (in 3 places in our house since we calculated wrongly and bought about twice as many as we needed for the original job). Looks amazing :smiley:

They look amazing

A week of job hunting. Feeling baffled by the future and on verge of a weird existential crisis. And how is it still January?!

thank you :heart:

from Soderberg, a Swedish chain in Edinburgh - weirdly have 7 shops here then one plonked down in SoHo?

Anyway, buns were cardamom and blueberry/vanilla

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My hands are freezing

Stick them up your bum

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Oh I was just talking about Soderberg pastries this weekend!

dont go as often as i should as theres a good handful of bakeries that little bit closer to me, but i enjoy them so much whenever i do buy them

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