Oh god please pray for me (SSP)


I was taking the piss out of my wedding video yesterday. Today, it’s gone. It was on a USB stick. I pulled the USB stick out of the (alseep) Chromebook this morning. My wife went to put it on again this evening - drive was corrupt. She did something with it on her (Windows) laptop - now it contains a single CHK file. According to the internet, the file might still be in there somewhere? I’m going to give it to the tech guy in the office tomorrow.

Also obviously contacted the videographer praying he still has a copy.

We made a back up, on another USB drive, which is with my father in law. It may be lost in his recent house move :frowning:

I know this sounds like a shitty sitcom plot, but I feel absolutely fucking sick.


Recovery software/people. It might be salvageable.




But if it’s corrupt, which it sounds like it is, it may be salvageable. Google ‘restore corrupt file on USB Stick’ or something and see what crops up. Sounds like you may have had the file still open when you pulled your stick out.


Yeah, I guess the video was still open when the laptop was asleep.

Didn’t even think about the USB fucking it up.

I promise I will never, ever unsafely pull out a USB stick again.


You probably wouldn’t have ever watched it again anyway


https://www.powerdatarecovery.com/power-data-recovery.html or try dis one, though I’m not sure if they have a limit on how much u can recover.


Don’t think I’m remotely qualified to attempt it myself, hopefully a brighter person might be able to tomorrow. Ta.


Fuck off.


Easeus Recovery might be the solution. My sisters laptop died there about 4 months ago and it had 7 years of photos which covered snaps of her kids first days at school etc. and I managed to get everything from the ‘Documents’ folder by putting the hard drive in an external case and plugging into USB port and running it.

I’m not an expert but i think CHK files are what Windows does when it’s been removed while in use so you might get away with running Windows Scandisk

Good luck


http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizardpro/ that’s the one I used (or an iteration of it off a torrent site). Ignore the slightly shite wording, it’s a German company I think but it worked for me anyways.


If one of my mates told me he rewatched videos of his wedding i’d have to get rid. Whst nonsense.


Yeah seems extremely unlikely the guy who filmed it wouldn’t have any copies whatsoever, especially if he edited it at all. You’ll be alright.


And a second ‘fuck off’ from me because I can’t like @hip_young_gunslinger 's post twice


Good luck - don’t panic - take it to an expert! :metal:


I’m sure it’s recoverable from somewhere. Even if it means going back to the people who made it. I know I’d be panicking if I was in your situation but there’s bound to be a way of getting this back. Hang in there :slight_smile:


Well, it was my wedding anniversary yesterday, and today is the sad anniversary of the date my mother in law - who features heavily in the video! - was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so we thought maybe we’d stick it on.

Sorry we can’t be mates anymore though, that’s really devastating.


Not having this. Reasons we watch ours occasionally:

  • our children have asked to see what our wedding looks like;
  • there’s footage of a number of dear relatives of ours who are now dead;
  • it’s a nice reminder of what was an amazing day. Marriage can be fucking tough at times (especially with children in tow) and it’s lovely to look back every so often.
    Obviously you might be just reeling me in with some easy bait but hey, give a shit.


The six minute highlight / teaser bit (which is the best bit, tbf) is online on his site, we have a copy etc, so that’s okay, But the full video is obviously the full ceremony, the speeches, loads of stuff with Mrs HYG and her mum getting ready. She genuinely thinks our wedding might be cursed.


aw, come on, man. this ain’t your style.