Oh I've just realised why they REALLY make kids wear uniforms


So if they’re out and about during school hours everyone knows they’re bunking!

Never knew that!


Also so the kids don’t get bullied for having crap clothes


Yeah because otherwise if I saw a group of school age kids hanging around in town during school hours I’d have no way of knowing they’re meant to be in school.


Did you like your school uniform?

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i liked it because I could rebel against it with no real repercussions


You missed off the “I didn’t ever have one” option.


Don’t be a dick, no one can tell how old someone is just by looking at them


yeah but you wouldn’t know which school to report them to would you?


Forgot to make it public too :dizzy_face:



He’s talking absolute shit


I will say this: in 13 years of schooling in inner London in schools with no uniform, I never recall this being a particular issue. Maybe it’s worse for girls, though, societal pressures being what they are.

I think the bottom line is kids will pick on other kids and they’ll pick something else.


You’re right, it’s literally impossible to tell an 11 year old from a 19 year old by mere sight alone.


I’d just call the dog catcher, see what they can do with the nets.


^the best goddamn truant officer The Perse has ever had


It’d be harder to tell a 15 year old from a 19 year old unless your some sort of expert on little girls, is that what youre saying you are?


The thing is, you have to be pretty clued up to know which uniform goes with which school (particularly as they can change in seasons) and you’ve actually got to have the energy and time to ring up and say something.

If the kids have come to your attention it’s probably because they’ve done something bad. At this point you’ve got, what, 800 kids all dressed identically and you’re asked to describe them? Vs. non-uniformed kids who’ll actually be quite distinctive to pick out…

(Yes this is deliberately a bit devil’s advocate.)


Alright, Adam Johnson.


gotta say

living in a country that doesn’t have school uniforms apart from like 3 fancy schools - you’re right.

It doesn’t even register when you see kids in civvies in the high street that they might ought to be in school. You see uniforms, they stand out immediately


Oh that’s good, I think for me I felt super anxious on wear your own clothes days (because I dressed like what I was, an anime/kerrang type music fan which wouldn’t have gone down well) and cant imagine how stressful it would have been to worry like that every day :sweat_smile: