Oh I've seen it all now


If you’ve ever wondered how it is that people will always find things to spend money on no matter how much they’ve already got, here it is, this says it all…



I thought those silk tea bags were the epitome of unabashed over-indulgence but I think this tops it


I’ve seen tutorials for making these on the kind of craft websites that are all about getting people to compulsively make useless items and spend loads of money on craft supplies, rather than making or mending useful things.


Hides the stand, doesn’t it. Looks nicer if you’ve got a real tree.


Oooh only £18


Never seen a Christmas Tree skirt?

Think they’re a bit daft personally, but certainly not a new innovation - I can remember my grandparents having one when 20 years ago.




the logical conclusion of modern capitalism. dog beer. it’s got nowhere else left to go.