Oh look! A delicious pack of Haribo Starmix!


What are you going to enjoy the most as you devour this delicious treat?

  • Cola Bottles
  • Goldbear - Red
  • Goldbear - Green
  • Goldbear - Yellow
  • Goldbear - Clear
  • Ring - Red and Yellow
  • Ring - Red and Clear
  • One of the foam ones because I’m a paedo

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Cheers Ant. You just reminded me I have a pack of these in my bag!


should have been multiple choice. cola bottles and red-and-yellow rings.


You missed out the top fucking three!

Foam/jelly hearts
Green and white rings


I do not eat gelatine, thank you very much.


Woah, a paedo for pulling a fried egg out first? This is harsh.


Clearly the eggs.


You can’t have the bears and the rings as different ones and not have the egg! Complete stich up poll that would make the Sun proud.


Also, clear bear? What?


^ ^ ^ ^ ^




This vote has made me angrier than the Brexit one.


That is a very serious accusation to make, and I think you should reconsider saying it.


I have a secret: I eat more than a single sweet with each mouthful


^ ^ ^ ^ ^


did you get a Wiggle delivery, did you?


None because of the mushed bones held within :frowning:


Just grabbed a cola bottle, fried egg, goldbear (gold colour) and a red/green ring. Beautiful.


Saw a vegan comment on Instagram the other day that you shouldn’t eat palm oil because it’s animal-derived.

Just wanted to share that with the class.


Can I swap it for a pack of Tangfastics, please?