Oh look... it's saturday

god morgen drownedinsoundlings

the best day of the week is here!!! what are you up to?

i’m going to visit my wee nephew for a cuddle, then out for dinner later tonight with some ATDs / BFFs. need to get some coffee first though.


have a great day

It’s half term!!! Was planning to have a huge lie in but my next door cunt neighbour has been drilling/DIYing/smashing two bin lids together since 8. Fucking bastard

Morning Japes, morning everyone.

Up early to go into the office to finish off some drawings, then I’m playing hockey, so I’m currently sat at my desk in full kit.


Hey japes

Today is my Friday, then on leave for a week. Final day in this store, working until 12 ish. Got a good send off yesterday from my guys which was lovely.

Going to Red Cat brewery later. They’ve an open day and 19 beers on.


Morning, on work cover for a bit. Will go to Aldi to get food/essentials.

Seeing Lightyear tonight!!!111!!! :saxophone::trumpet::saxophone::trumpet:

Hello Japesy,

That sounds like a grand day.

Pretty skint but have £40 quid worth of shopping vouchers from work so might go spend that, but only really need some new socks, dunno what to do with the rest. They can be used at few chain restaurants so maybe get some lunch.

Probably go the library get a book because haven’t read in a couple of weeks, not read Slaughterhouse 5 so might get that.

Tonight, maybe, pizza, stout and Twin Peaks.

get thee to the selfie thread immediately

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Morning japes et al.

Still in bed after having loads of really vivid weird dreams and feeling a bit hungover even though I didn’t really drink.

Playing a :field_hockey: match in a bit then going to watch some prem league :field_hockey: this evening.

Sacked off going over to the IoW didn’t I. Everyone else went. No idea what they’re thinking. Very windy outside. Feel like I’ve abandoned everyone and that I had some sense of duty but the weather is terrible.

Might hop on a train to Southampton and watch Blade Runner idk :thinking:

On a STAG weekend in wales. Only me and this lad up atm


Come to Winch for beer?


Sausage sandwich and coffee for breakfast
Gonna have a tidy round. Watch sport on TV, read, beer later.

He’s looking at you like ‘I know what you did last night’ and judging you silently.

Hope you fucking smash em!

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It’s good!


Hope you fucking smash em!

What’s your tactic here… have half of each?

Having to miss this - clash with mc lars!!@@ (which im not going to either, but you can guess who is)

Say hi to the b-man from me

Binned off my drive to the arse end of Hertfordshire to play a card game I love but hardly ever get to play, due to a case of the cbas. Didn’t go to my card game thing last night either.

My penoid skills are waning. Next thing you know I’ll be in an All Bar One pretending to know things about football.

Might try to get a haircut today. Other than that, dunno.

Is it easy enough to pick up if you havent read the first four?