Oh my, it's Monday! A thread

Morning all! :wave:

Can’t see a morning thread yet so here we go.

How’s the day looking for you? Much planned today?

Sun is out here and i’m having a coffee, and my porridge should be ready in a moment. Having it with some raspberries. Another WFH day to follow.


Setting up from the sofa so I can watch ‘lympics in the background. WFH for me too. Might be meeting an ex workmate for a park beer after, if not I’ll hit the gym and pool


Just logging into work to tell them I’ve got Covid during my week off, then going to log out again :confused:

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Can you switcheroo the holiday days so this counts as sick leave, at least?

Off to the pictures to see Old. Trying to decide what snack to bring.

Holy shit this Google Doodle

Oh we saw that last night! Let me know what you think, I don’t wanna say anything :no_mouth:

@sine_wave porridge and raspberries here too!

Cba with work, on holiday week after next so only 9 working days to go.

Had a dream about going shopping for Christmas decs with a DiSer, truly had my brain colonised by this place.

2 day working week for your boy


I’m trying really hard to ignore it.

Just had to put a jumper on. Such a relief after last week.

Oh no, the week off was last week (and I didn’t get sick until Friday night anyway) - I’m meant to be back at work today


I’ve just closed the tab but I’m not happy about it

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Trying to drink more water but I must have had 30 wees yesterday, I’ve been 5 times already and it’s 9am. Boring.

Just had a message out of the blue after many years from an ex who lives in London, like he can somehow tell I’m going to be in London this week or something.

Completed it m8

Actually 30?:joy:

If anything it was probably more.

I do pee a lot anyway, especially just before I have to leave the flat, but I think that’s an anxiety thing which I didn’t realise until I saw someone else mention the connection (yesterday for example, I peed 7 times in 15 minutes, no exaggeration, immediately before leaving the flat, lol). It’s mayhem now I’m drinking lots too!

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My word. Where do you store it all haha!

I have this too

I mean I do have a small bladder as well but the nervous wees is an annoying thing

No idea! I think I might have multiple bladders

Nice and sunny again here. Took doggo for a walk and he saw lots of his dog mates.

Work in a bit.