Oh my, it's Monday evening

Evening thread time. Hi everyone



We’re back from Southsea. There’s no place like home, eh?

Except when the cupboards are bare, that is, so my plans for tonight involve going to Sainsbury’s. Anyone need anything?

Hello Froglet

EDIT: posted at the same time as @rob.orch

Hi @rob.orch too :raised_hand:t3:



Just got my second jab! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Feel like old poop after jab2 yesterday. Had fish pie & peas for tea, now kicking back with a Sainos knock off Magnum and Midsomer Murders.

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Croquettes, lindaMc sausages and freshly picked carrots and peas from the garden for tea.

Chilling out tonight I think.

Might have an ice pop


Might order a pizza.

Watching my beloved Northern Superchargers.

Evening. Going to video call my folks in a bit, then I should mow the lawn now it’s no longer meltingly hot and before it rains again tomorrow.

Doing some absolutely awful farts tonight. Even for me. I’m not signing up for my electric wizards group because they’re so… ominous

Hello. Thai green cuzzer for tea. Absolutely shattered, hoping food brings me round

made some fajitas, they were damn good. now very full and gonna find something to watch.

Hallå. My shoulder is trashed from a cortisone injection earlier today, and I have to see the doc about a suspected vocal cord nodule tomorrow. Falling apart in my old age.

Got some good recording in today though so that’s nice.

Evening all!

I played a quite terrible game of football (I’m really not playing well at the moment) and have eaten some leftovers from the BBQ yesterday. The highlight of tea was some roast pineapple with blueberries and yogurt for dessert.

D&D tonight.

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Hi. Made the orzo tonight.

It’s very good.


Dunno why that pic is rotated.

I have done the square root of fuck all today, mainly thanks to DpD ’couriers’

Did manage to make myself a decent tea though

Love roasting potatoes with salmon


had four days off and work dread is now setting in. even though this job isn’t bad at all i still feel :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

gonna have a bath i reckon. baths solve everything.

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Quite a piece of fish, that.

It was on half price special, it’s not all for me either

It tastes absolutely amazing too

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How was Southsea?