"Oh no! The FTSE has slumped!"

“The Dow Jones is in turmoil!”

“The NASDAQ has done something”

Nobody fucking cares mate, snore off.


My manager is panicking about another recession. Cop on like.

Come on, it was quite amusing to see clips of the US news networks cutting away from a Trump speech about the economy to cover the breaking news yesterday, surely?

The more capital fails, as it will and has to, the closer we get.

But the world is worth $4 trillion less than it was yesterday!

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I didn’t watch it mate

How now, down Dow?


Fucking love this mate

to eachother :blush:


Yes! Sharing a tin of peaches in the nearest skip, huddling for warmth as we watch Elon Musks cock explode in space


I mean, if you want to.

Gonna start looting pine nuts.


I enjoyed seeing someone RT-ing the current Pres from three years ago where he called it DOW JOANS.

And also calling for any president that oversaw a 1000+ point drop in a single day fired out of a cannon.

Sounds perfect

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I’m just glad i punted all my bitcoin when the going was good

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Buy low, sell high.

always be closing (ABC)


That was a fake tweet, sadly :frowning:

I keep reading that this crash/‘correction’ is mainly due to investors reacting to a rise in wages in the US. Is that right? After years of wage stagnation the US workers finally get a small raise and the whole global market cries and shits itself? Because that doesn’t sound healthy.

I don’t think anyone understands that question let alone the answer to it!