Oh (no) Theo



Can someone check if he’s alright?


Doesn’t surprise me, think Theo was keeping them afloat for years.


The timing does fit.



Maybe we can all share our favourite heartwarming Maplins anecdotes in memoriam. I’ll start.

I went in to see if they had a specific cable for hooking up my new amp to my new speaker. The one on their website was a foot long and £3. Perfect.

They didn’t have it in stock, but asked if I’d like to spend £25 on a 6 metre long one instead. I did not.


Thought of him the moment I saw that this morning.


Alright marckee.


went in a while back for a certain kind of converter. they had this one for £70 that i was pretty sure wasn’t gonna work, but they said if it doesn’t just bring it back no hassle. it didn’t work, and it was a bit of hassle to get it refunded.


I asked him about it last night on twitter. I got no reply.


I was up at 5.30 because the full roaster texted me to ask if I was going to WFH… twat!



Alright Balonz.


seriously am somewhat gutted about this. so many times i’ll turn up to a job and they have some weird setup that i don’t have the right cable for. gonna have to get ripped off on tottenham court rd now.


…you used to go into Maplins to not get ripped off?


I also made the same joke that jeremys_iron made too.


Also can’t believe you’re trying to piggyback on Theo’s grief here. Have a word with yourself.


What have I become…


you’ve clearly never tried to buy a thunderbolt cable in soho mate!!


Can somebody update if they start selling off their stuff at low low prices like when Claus Ohlson did in town last year.


You’ve done me there.