Oh shit all the power in your house has just gone, and it's the middle of the night


there are no torches or candles anywhere, and due to the power cut your phone has no charge. The streetlights are out, and due to the smog there’s no moonlight either. It is pitch black


I need you to get out of your bed, and go and fetch me a Tupperware* container from wherever you keep it. Are you going to be able to do that with no light to speak of without tripping over, or are you going to deck it? This is almost a ‘how much crap is littered on your floor’ thread, but with nuances.

*don’t tell me the fact.


Dead easy. The only thing that might distract me is the burglar alarm going off due to the power failure.


Fine, m9.


I can see in the dark, it’s my best feature.

unfortunately I’ve not got any Tupperware


Power to my flat or power to the whole street? This is important.


I can get you a container, but probably not the matching lid.
What do I win?


whole street


Easy. We keep them by the sink. The cats, though…


I could do it in less than 10 seconds


Possibly. Might fall over the cat though.


cat foot leg trip death


i normally keep a supply of tupperware in bed just in case this very scenario occurs


thinly veild “i own things and have them strewn around my dwelling” thread


Sorry, why do we need to get you the tupperware??


he’s done a shit in the bed


you’d plastic bag it, wouldn’t you?


I’m not fucking touching it


thread took a dark turn :’(


I reckon I could, the floors are clear, unless I fell over a cat.
Worst case scenario I could head to the garden, pick up a solar night time garden light and use that to rifle through the cupboard.


lot of hazardous cats on this board