Oh yeah it's FRIDAY the 13






Got to do a whole day’s work in a half day.





In Italian popular culture, Friday the 17th (and not the 13th) is considered a day of bad luck.


This bus cost £20 for a return but it has USB charging and shit WiFi so ¯\(ツ)


i need to decongest


I’m so late for work, even woke up earlier today but seem to be unable to leave my apartment before 9am. And my boss is in today, ergh. Want to leave early because the tv and I are going to the beach for the weekend. Yay!


Need to stop drinking cocktails on weeknights


ci sentiamo presto (in agosto)


good morning :ghost:


is this the gold line

those buses have tiny seats



been late for work 4 out of 5 this week, that’ll teach them for employing me.


…i need a coffee


Only had enough coffee beans for a really weak coffee this morning. Pray for me.







Love the idea of going into your annual review and being like

“Let me just cut you off there. Over the last few months I think you’ll find it is I who has been testing you. I played the role of ‘obstinate subordinate’ to put your managerial skills to the test, and frankly the results have been disappointing. I’m only going to give a verbal warning this time, and I’ll schedule a monthly meeting to discuss your progress which I’d like you to prepare for. And bring donuts.”


Parents are coming to take us for lunch. Need to hoover. That’s all I’ve got.


debating buying the old yamaha keyboard I had as a kid from ebay