Oh yes it's Saturday

Good morning all!

For the first weekend in about two months, I have no decorating plans and nobody visiting. It’s bliss! We’re going to our friends’ house for dinner (and missing Fenino, boo) but otherwise the day is looking pretty quiet. Going to make a big fry up. And ignore the cricket.

What are you up to?

Ah shit. My photo took too long to upload.

Mods feel free to delete my thread.

I’ll move the post!

Morning DiSsers! What’s everyone doing? What’s the weather like? How’s your hair?

We found this framed photo of an 18 month old me from when I won a competition. Anyone got anything like this knocking around? I want to see it.


There we go. Great pic btw.

Nope, can’t think of anything.

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Morning. Going to see Muppet’s Christmas Carol at the cinema in a couple of hours with my daughter. Pretty excited!


Taking it easy

With Cadbury’s Caramel?

Got a cold so I’m not sure if I’ll do everything I had planned today but there’s a free carol service at the cathedral, a Christmas fair at the library and a winter craft day at the garden centre.

Jnr slept 8pm-3am, the longest stretch ever! Of course I was convinced she was dead so I didn’t sleep myself, then had to get up to let my friend in whose staying. I’m knackered but everyone else is well rested.


Cold aside, that sounds like a decent day! Let me know if they do the Calypso Carol.

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My mother delivered a load of baby pictures of me to Wor Lass when The Child was born. People spent as much time looking at them as they did cooing at the actual baby.

Weather is cold.

My hair is long overdue a cut but I don’t have time until Thursday.

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I wish!

Getting pushed out of bed


Morning all!

Last night was the third of my lovely Xmas meals and the second time in two weeks that I’ve walked home from town. I’m quite tired.

No plans today but I think I’m eating burgers later.

Hello all.

Nice day today, went for a run, came home and messed around in the plug.dj room which was kinda fun. Over to my sister’s place to baby sit her kids as part of her birthday present (concept was basically ‘have some money to go out, and I’ll watch the kids’). Which was fun (they are turning into a GBOLs) but also terrifying (how do you parents do it, also how do nappies even work?).

Then sis and her husband came home with some delicious burgers and we had beers on the deck in the sun.

At work from 9am to 5:30pm. This week has been shit but almost looking forward to an easier day. I’ve done just about everything else but what my job involves this week.

Have a great day everyone.

This is easy:

Butter them on both sides.
Put them in the toaster until midbrown.
Serve with syrup and blueberries if you have them.

I thought everyone knew this!


Mildly hungover.


Had afternoon off work and went ‘Christmas shopping’ in Birmingham - finished up drinking red wine in a couple of bars then ambling round the Bullring for half an hour. Then went out for a curry with the badminton club and had several Cobras and brandies. Made the short walk home (4 miles) in about 45 mins, but I had my ‘beer coat’ on so it was fine.
Not much on today apart from Derby v Villa


Ah-ha! It was the on both sides bit that had me confused! Thanks for the tip, friend.


Morning. Looks like :field_hockey: will be cancelled today as our Astro is the one place in the city where the snow hasn’t melted. Not sure was to do with myself if it is.

@NoahVale you walk 4 miles at the speed I can run it