Oh you think you're so smart just because you got a B in GCSE Media Studies

Well I got an A* in GCSE Media Studies so fuck off


Did you know that GCSE stands for Grandma Can Suck Eggs and that’s why the phrase “teach your grandmother to suck eggs” makes sense because your grandma has already done her GCSEs


that don’t impress me much


I didn’t know that! That’s fascinating! Thank you for sharing, Bammers x

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You get an ology, you’re a scientist.

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but grandma would have done the school certificate. mine would have, anyway. i wonder if there are any grandmas now who are young enough to have done gcses.

shit, yeah obviously there will be. they’d be born in 1970, and could have easily popped out a kid at 14, so 1984, and that kid born in 1984 could have easily popped one out since then. jesus. maybe there are even great grandmothers with gcses.

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yeah the school certificate for sucking eggs!


I got a B in my as media studies course. One part was about universal studios horror films and we had to analyse a film of our choice. I chose famous horror* film jurassic park which is also my favourite film ever so it was very easy to do.

*it isnt a horror film at all, what a stretch. I got away with it though


I got a D in GCSE media studies

I only did it cos you had to do something extra beside three x a levels in the lower sixth, I don’t think I really gave it my all tbh

don’t think my school even did media studies

don’t think my school even did GCSEs

@The_Respected_User should really fact-check his threads before posting, huh

He should fact check his whole goddamn life while he’s at it

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This is actually a fantastic thread by the way


I used to teach GCSE and A-Level Media Studies and I can almost guarantee that none of you would have gotten B grades in my class.

You’d have been lucky to get any grade at all what with the substandard levels of teaching on display.


my school was so shit the media studied you


Terrific post

These days you get arrested and thrown in prison for achieving a B grade in a GCSE.

this is because, for the past few years, GCSES have been graded with numbers 9 (top) to 1 (oh dear).


Why is 10 not the top?


“Because fuck you is why”