Oh you think you're so smart just because you got a B in GCSE Media Studies

I got a quite low grade in A-Level Media Studies because our coursework documentary went catastrophically wrong. It was about binge drinking, right, cause we had to do something about some issue and we pulled that out of our arses. So here’s what happened:

One guy in our group said he was going to get some pivotal footage and told us we wouldn’t have to worry. So he pretty much disappears for three weeks and then comes back and I get a text or whatever saying he’s put the footage on the school computer for me to cut in. Said footage is just him and his mate getting pissed in his mate’s house and I’m like “oh shit”. I later found out from the website this guy runs as part of his old business that he had sort of a breakdown at this point and left home, and I’m like “fair play glad all’s well with you now” but me and the one other group member had a tricky situation on our hands. Our documentary was a bag of wank. How would we record footage with the deadline fast approaching?

Here’s how: we went down to a construction site and filmed an interview with me - Manches, with a pixelated face and doing a voice to hide that it was me - that ended with me saying “Don’t binge drink, kids. Or you’ll end up like me”.

I can’t entirely blame the third member of the group to be fair. Me and the other one spent a LOT of time working on our mythic “joke edit” where we cut in farmyard noises at random points and painstakingly chopped up all our vox pops so that each one of them was confessing to a crime. And we were still putting a LOT of time and effort into this when the deadline for the proper version was looming.

I’m just realising now that I’m finding it hard to stop typing. Got too many really daft A-Level Media Studies stories


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God, you are the absolute best. What a terrific piece of community content


For our first assignment to learn how to use cameras and the editing software (our school burned down btw, and the insurance paid for flashy media equipment just fyi) we had to film and edit a police drama-style interrogation. “The point is just to shoot and edit in that style,” they said, “You can make it about whatever you want.”

In our interview, I was playing a criminal who had been arrested for being caught wanking in the woods and my defence was that I couldn’t have been wanking in the woods because I had an alibi and the alibi was that I’d been wanking at home. Thing is: the content was wildly inappropriate and we didn’t even nail down the technical side of it because our mate Andy just showed up (don’t know why he wasn’t in any class, I’d say it was a free period for him but why wasn’t it a free period for literally anyone else in the school?) and hung out for the duration of the filming. I think he was in the background of pretty much every single shot, just cracking up laughing


Media Studies didn’t exist in my day. Feel confident I would have got a C though.

my job is within the field of media / video production and it is deeply funny that it was by far the subject that I fucked around the most in

except for GCSE design and technology where I had an in-joke with the teacher that I wasn’t doing anything for my coursework project and I handed in four pieces of wood glued together and got a U

Fucking incredible


OMG - Exactly the same for me. I literally told my teacher that I would be doing Media Studies work instead of DT and then glued four pieces of wood together with an a3 sheet saying “I am going to make a box” and got a U


I only did AS Level and think it was Film Studies rather than Media.

This is my absolute legend of a Media Studies teacher in one of his starring roles as “teacher who gets hit with football” in one of my extra-curricular projects from my sixth form days




Screw you all, I got a 2:2 in Media Systems and am a BSc.
So :stuck_out_tongue:

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And here is Skillo as “Public Phone” for another, different film


I literally wrote about 50 Cent’s line of sex toys and vibrators in my Media Studies coursework and got an A*


My brother ripped off the entire plot of a (pretty shit) anime and got a really high mark. This subject is wild


For a2 media studies the coursework was to make a music video for an artist that isn’t well known in the uk. I wanted to do dillinger escape plan like a group did in 2004 but my group (2005) chose jason mraz and we filmed on the millennium bridge and had a scene with everyone wearing paper shrek masks. It was terrible


Thats such a funny thing to make a bunch of teens do. I swear that 90% of tasking for these sorts of subjects were just so teachers could enjoy the embarrassing output

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Even the “good ones” were embarrassing in an earnest sort of way and i hated them all. But it was a good contrast to my other hellish alevels, especially chemistry. I was the only one doing a2 chemistry and media studies and there was a clash so i had to be locked in a room for hours to take both exams without seeing anyone


Big time. I made and loved making a whole lot of “pissing about with mates” content which still makes me smile today. The idea of ever sitting and watching any of the “proper” projects I did is truly abhorrent though. Excruciating stuff.


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This is a memory I’ve not been able to repress but in year 9 we had to make up dances in PE and film it, only me and my friend (who was very into it) took it seriously :sob: we practiced for days and filmed our dance covers for independent woman by destiny’s child and u turn by usher :sob: and the fucking pe teachers showed it to the sporty girls who haunted the gym/pe office :sob: who gleefully told us that they’d seen it. Excruciating