Ohhh it's doing that thing again

You know the one I mean

Nope. I don’t. What?

Is it a bug where it says someone else is editing your post when you make a quick correction?

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really informative thread, huh.

it’s the thing where they reply box goes a bit weird and the buttons don’t work. hasn’t happened again since but will try and grab a screenshot if it happens again.


Yeah I’m getting this :+1:

On mobile?

Which theme are you using?

Yeah mobile and Standard Colours.

Standard Colours is now grey for some reason

I’ve just disabled a few of the header an footer elements and refreshed some of the code. Hopefully that helps. Let me know if not.

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Test Test

@sean seems to be working as normal, cheers.

Think this kind of thing is pretty typical when the site/hosting is going through some updates, normally sorts itself out :pray: